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Cast - Kristin Scott Thomas. 2019. tomatometer - 7 / 10. Runtime - 1 h, 52Minute. genre - Comedy, Drama. Review - Inspired by the international phenomenon of military wives choirs, Peter Cattaneo (The Full Monty (1997)) crafts an emotive and poignant story about a group of women who realize that their partners in Afghanistan aren't the only ones whose circumstances can lead to unbreakable bonds of camaraderie, belonging, and deep friendship.

This just made me cry for the first time i have watched this song normally i am strong. What is the bane of the song towards the end everything is going to be alright. Well done ladies. beautiful job, wonderful voices. Thank you to all who assisted in putting this together and sharing it. Stay Strong. Hey, what about us supportive and faithful loving wives? Do we not deserve an honorable mention. Such a lovely song by such beautiful girls who's fathers are away in Afghanistan. I just pray that all the servicemen still serving it here come back safe. They have made us all so so proud. Military Wives Watch free software. I wonder if Sir Philip Green will be watching this.

I bet they put their hearys and soles in performing in front of all those people. Military Wives Watch free download. On this episode we get a glimpse into June´s new household and meet OfMatthew. Through Joseph Lawrence we begin to see just how early Mark Tuello began with his counter-revolutionary strategy. This time June´s daughter Nichole allows us to see just how deep American Intelligence is in Gilead´s backyard. The story being told through June´s eyes is often considered very limiting and boring by most viewers. So when she mentioned Breaking Bad, it raised expectations for a rebellion even higher. Walter White was on everyone´s lips. Referencing pop culture was seen as a good sign. Yet it isn´t even the first important pop culture reference in S3. The most crucial one is in the first episode but I´ll delve on that in another post. So here´s what most viewers misunderstood about the Breaking Bad comment. Part 2 Here´s what you pay attention to when June discovers Beth and Cora are helping Allison escape. Lawrence says " ohh hen party. where´s Mrs Lawrence´s tea? who are you? This is no random comment but a reference to Eleonor Roosevelt whose 1940 christmas party for cabinet wives and ladies of the press was described as a " hen party ". Eleonor also had a tea named after her. She answers, my name is Allison. A reference to first female african- american White House correspondent Alice Allison Dunnigan. Lawrence says you two are always making friends. After he says friends you can hear the same music from when Nick is walking up the stairs during escape and nods to June ( everyone away from the house S2E13). Something that´s meant to confirm to the viewer that he´s not a new American asset but I´ll delve more on this in another post. Just as Beth pouring the tea and June taking the tea is supposed to remind the viewer of Eleonor. When June is going down the stairs you´re reminded as a viewer of Nick´s car as you hear a car drive by when she´s next to The Train Smoke painting, 529 393 and you can hear sea gulls. But what you´re paying attention to here is that the clock is pointing at 1 and 3 to show you 13. Lawrence says close the door and you only see an eye. A reference to the Thirteenth Amendment closing the door on the 393 Dred Scott vs Sandford. You´ll also note that Lawrence is sitting and reading under a lamp. This is also done to recall Nick wearing his military t-shirt, reading under the light, on the stairs outside his apartment, DE-529. Again this is to prepare you as a viewer for the Breaking bad reference. I wanna see how it works, says June ( why dont you tell me how it works then S2E2). We almost never move people. Messages, black market stuff sometimes, people are difficult, dangerous, says Beth. Again this it to remind you as the viewer that June´s extraction was done by trained soldiers and vets rather that ordinary Mayday members. What? were you in the military or something before? no, were you? This again is to remind you of how the crew of DE-529 went from making sandwiches to fighting in a world war. High school chemistry teacher, says Allison. As you already know Lawrence created the colonies where educated women who don´t serve any purpose to Gilead are sent. Something that his wife thinks is evil. Yet to Lawrence it´s the lesser evil ( I´ll expand on him in another post). Before becoming a journalist Alice Allison trained as a teacher and taught history in a segregated school in Kentucky. Come on Breaking Bad let´s go. This is something that is meant to make the viewer think of Walter White. Just not the one from the show. You´re meant to think of Walter Francis White of NAACP, who worked tirelessly to bring about the Anti-Lynching Bill with the help of Eleonor Roosevelt and for desegregation. Lynchings that Alice Allison as a journalist was instrumental in shining a spotlight on and the reason she became a civil-rights activist. You´ll note that this conversation is happening in the kitchen, again to also illustrate both Eleonor and Alice Allison´s work for equal rights for women. Both women also worked in the White House during Truman´s ( S3E5) administration, Allison as a correspondent and Eleonor as a UNCHR representative. The walk to the laundromat itself is no ordinary walk for June, Beth and Allison. This is designed to show the viewer just how many basic human rights June and other americans enslaved in Gilead have lost. It starts with June saying strange to finally be invisible, as she goes down the stairs ( below deck) to the underbelly of Gilead. When she goes down the stairs you hear sirens as she says we´re easy to catch because we´re easy to see, like blood on snow. A problem faced by many freed slaves who were often caught again and sold back into slavery, the very reason the 13th Amendment was implemented. When they´re underground you see a bus with the numbers 167, 526-7, a red line with spaced out dots on it and people getting off. You´ll note that the other doors are closed and people are forced to get off through the front door only. This is a reference to the Baton Rouge and Montgomery bus boycotts caused by the segregation on buses. 167 Monroe vs Pape -to end civil rights violation by law enforcement. 526 Saenz vs Roe - the right to travel from one state to another, 527 West vs Gibson - amendment of civil rights act to include compensation for racial discrimination in the work place. Which is why this part of the walk is filled with guardians, guns ready, barking orders at Gilead slaves. You also see econo people. Again to show you that everyone is free but not free. Down here, away from being used as a propaganda tool used to convince the handmaids and young girls to behave, here away from the wives´ eyes they´re subjected to the same inhumane treatment as other Gilead slaves. You´ll also note there are people hanging, a violation of anti lynching laws. The guardian says keep moving and another says no loitering. This is to illustrate the no vagrancy laws targeted towards blacks after the American Civil War, ruled unconstituional by the Supreme Court in Papachristou vs City of Jacksonville case. A Martha gets arrested for an expired pass, again to remind you of Dred Scott vs Sandford. This is followed by an overhead shot of slaves walking between cages and lynched people hanging above them, June watching the Martha being taken away, her own fake pass doesn´t get her caught. This is to illustrate Walter White´s own experience during an incident that changed his life, where the colour of his skin, and his white features save him from the same police brutality as his fellow black people and the reason he became a civil-rights activist. They ´re walking between the laundry factories. Alice Allison Dunnigan´s mother did laundry work for a living. June says " no handmaids, we´re not allowed in this part of town " to illustrate the difference in freedom between classes. This is to draw parallel to the segregation laws that the likes of Walter White fought against. Allison is headed to the west to help The Resistance by using her skills as a chemistry teacher. The real Allison worked for The Chicago Defender and used her skills as a history teacher to push for open dialog on segregation. When they leave Allison you´ll notice the car inside has plate number 388 792. This is again done to remind the viewer of the civil liberties June and other slaves have lost. 388 Loving vs Virginia - the right to marry a person of a different race. 792 Mcdonell Douglas Corp vs Green - against racial discrimination in the work place. Back at Lawrence´s house we see Eleonor help June and the Marthas after the guardians arrive. This is to remind the viewer of how Eleonor Roosevelt started working with Walter White when President Roosevelt failed to push for the Anti- Lynching Bill, going against her own husband. As you´ll also notice that she plants flowers where the Martha is buried, an act that´s meant to afford the deceased Martha human dignity even in death. This is to illustrate Eleonor´s work with the United Nations on Human Rights. This is later followed by June telling OfMatthew " did you hear how OfJohn died? her walking partner snapped, pushed her infront of a bus. God rest her soul" then we get OfMatthew left standing, a street sign showing 20. A reference to Article 20 of Universal Human Rights laws. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. No one may be compelled to belong to an association. This episode is called Mary and Martha, Thomas Jefferson´s only children with his wife to survive past infancy ( how will you honour your daughters? S3E9). Thomas Jefferson ( S3E5) not only signed the Declaration of Independence but also signed the Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves that ended America´s involvement in the international slave trade. As you already know from S3E12 Eleonor Lawrence dies in her own bed, in her own home just like Eleonor Roosevelt. June returns the favour and affords her dignity in death by staying with her. Again a lot of viewers jumped on the Breaking Bad bandwagon, showing just why the show is important and why Miller puts the viewers in June´s own shoes. Because when you´ve been enslaved for 5 years, stripped of the ability to read a book, when you´re barely holding on to your sanity, how awake would you actually be about the world you now find yourself in? Would you even recognise which rights you´ve lost along the way? Would you even remember your own history? Or would you like most viewers be distracted by a pop culture reference and fail to remember what women are capable of? Most importantly is the story being told through June´s eyes really limiting or are you just as asleep as most people were during the rise of SOJ? When June and OfMatthew are walking you also get a season 4 hint on Serena´s fate through the guard´s earpiece saying you tell them something, Rule 17, followed by OfMatthew saying my mistress. Rule 17 is written on the car that Nick is driving in S1E4 ( nolite te bastardes carborundorum) with plate number 427 157, which is later used by Tuello on the Dodge.

:c 💔🙁😢😭. You got those 10 types of wifes right... I was an Army wife for 20+ years, went through 7 deployments, and was always the one taking care of the kids, the bills the house, saved all of the Deployment money, and was waiting by the telephone for that honey Iam ok call, and always remained 100% faithful, while other wifes where partying it up and sleeping around... I was the chef boyardee wife, that was cooking for everybody, we used to have great parties at our house in Germany, and had about 10 guys over every weekend, I cooked for, and babysitted, was also their psychiatrists, but loved every mind of it and wouldn't miss it for the world.

Bloody Brilliant. Military Wives Watch free web site. Military Wives Watch freelance. Inspired by true events this film is truly uplifting, funny and sad, a true must see. Army wives watch free.


@JPRizal2000 thats o.k. i ment the 5 dislikes my dad was in ww2 and he never talked about it i said to him once have you ever seen any one die and all he said to me was TOO MANY so yes i do feel your anger my dad was one of the lucky ones he came home and him and mum had me and 4 other beautiful children and we have children of our own now so it depressed me when i saw the 5 dislikes they will never know and i hope they burn in hell. WATCH THE FULL SERIES ABOUT. Whose baby is that. Military Wives Watch free online. Gets me every time I watch this so proud of what these beautiful poppy girls did my grand father was in the royal British army in ww2 this made me think of all the times he wanted home. My favorite song. Claim a pair of free tickets to special early bird viewings at 25 selected cinemas across the UK of this life-affirming, feelgood tale of friendship and fun in difficult circumstances. Free tickets Date and time 2 Mar 2020 Location Various nationwide Members price £ 0 Book now Status Limited Spaces Military Wives: about the film Starring Oscar nominee Dame Kristin Scott Thomas, acclaimed writer-actor Sharon Horgan and directed by Oscar-nominated Peter Cattaneo (The Full Monty), the story is inspired by the award-winning BBC documentary series The Choir: Military, which saw choirmaster Gareth Malone select and train amateur singers to form choirs, and in so doing spark a global phenomenon. The film celebrates an unlikely band of women on a military base who take the surprising step of forming a choir. As unexpected bonds of friendship flourish, music and laughter transform their lives and create a kind of singing support group, with the women helping each other overcome fears for their loved ones in combat. Ticket and event details You are invited to apply for a pair of free tickets to exclusive preview screenings of  Military Wives on Monday 2 March 2020, at a choice of 25 cinemas across the UK. Successful members can claim tickets for a cinema location most convenient to you among those available. There is a limited number of tickets for each venue, available on a first-come, first-served basis. You will receive two free tickets to the screening only; no travel or accommodation is provided. The film's cinema classification is to be confirmed. Screening times All preview screenings will take place on Monday 2 March 2020. Guests should arrive half an hour before the film start times, as indicated below. The running time of the film is 113 minutes. Participating cinemas ODEON (film starts 6. 30pm) Birmingham New Street Chelmsford Edinburgh Lothian Road Epsom Greenwich Liverpool One Manchester Trafford Milton Keynes Newcastle Metrocentre Norwich Southampton Tunbridge Wells Cineworld (film starts 6. 30pm) Glasgow High Wycombe Sheffield Wandsworth Showcase (film starts 7pm) Bluewater Bristol CDL Coventry Derby CDL Leeds Leicester Nottingham Reading Walsall Important booking information Please note tickets are based on a first-come, first-served basis. When you enter the website to claim your tickets, should the locations button say ‘More Coming’, this means there are more tickets due to be released for this cinema screening. When the locations' screenings are full, the button will say ‘Waiting List’, and you can add your details for a chance to see this film should there be any cancellations. Terms and conditions Tickets are subject to availability and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis You may claim up to two tickets You must print out your ticket No photocopies will be accepted The tickets are not for resale No cash alternative No late admittance The cinema reserves the right to refuse admission In the event of a dispute the cinema manager’s decision is final Links to more information Military Wives: watch the trailer here Click the 'book now' button to claim your free tickets online. Book now.

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I get a pain in my heart everytime I hear John Denver. RIP. Agree with @ElzoSmid1, it's not a flashmob, but still well done to the band members for doing a great job. Military Wives Watch freedom. Sharon and Kirsten are superb. It's a moving story of friendship under pressure of military life, war and pain, with a lovely musical backing track.
Funny, witty, poignant and for me very emotional.
I definitely would 👌👍.

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I love this! I'm in Afghanistan right now and I would buy this if it was available on the US market. Well done, glad u beat x-factor aswell. I completely agree with the guard's decisions to avoid saluting the wife! That sense of entitlement is annoying asf. I really there comes a time when women are going into space, and atleast have a 50% majority, the wive's club, no offense, but it feels like your existence is borrowed, it is hard to be the one waiting back, but there is more to a group of woman than just be derived from their husband's occupation.

This essay is also available as a video, click here if you'd prefer to watch. Androw Farman was located at last in the Chamber of the Painted Table, a longsword clutched in his grasp. He made no attempt to deny the poisonings. Instead he boasted. “I brought them cups of wine, and they drank. They thanked me, and they drank. Why not? A cupbearer, a serving man, that’s how they saw me. Androw the sweet. Androw the jape. What could I do, but fall off the dragon? Well, I could have done a lot of things. I could have been a lord. I could have made laws and been wise and given you counsel. I could have killed your enemies, as easily as I killed your friends. I could have given you children. ” Androw Farman committed a terrible crime and became a mass murderer in 54 AC on the Targaryen home of Dragonstone. During the reign of King Jaehaerys I and Queen Alysanne, Androw systematically poisoned four women and the Maester on the island, saving his wife Rhaena Targaryen for last. This kind of horror movie plot is not the kind of thing people associate with A Song of Ice and Fire. Most of the time the assassinations and mass deaths are the result of political or military goals being further. Androw, however, killed brutally out of vengeance and in a way that seemed only vindictive. The unasked question though in this tragedy is how did the simple Androw pull off his killing spree at all? Did he have help? And if so, why help Androw Farman murder six people? Androw Farman was the husband, in name only, for Rhaena Targaryen, older sister to the King Jaehaerys I and Queen Alysanne Targaryen known as the “Queen in the West”. Rhaena had known Androw and House Farman of Fair Isle for many years when Androw’s father sheltered Rhaena from the wrath of her uncle, Maegor the Cruel. Shortly after her baby brother Jaehaerys’ coronation in Oldtown, Rhaena flew north and with little explanation married Androw in a secret ceremony. When asked why she did this, Rhaena replied that Androw was kind to her and left it at that. The complication of their relationship was that Rhaena had little interest in Androw. It’s suggested in the text that they never consummated their marriage. Rhaena actually was in love with Androw’s sister, Elissa Farman. Rhaena married Androw while carrying on in an open secret with Elissa among other lovers. Androw became angered over the years as he was treated by Rhaena and her court of friends and lovers as little more than a servant or jester, he had no say in any decision, was openly embarrassed and laughed at. These grudges from Androw festered and he went from angry to murderous coming to a head in 54 AC after his sister Elissa disappeared into the East with three dragons eggs. Androw’s actions required a lot of planning, knowledge, and subterfuge to pull off correctly. For instance, among the first to die by poison was the elderly Maester Culipper. This is a highly intelligent move as it stops the most knowledgeable person on the island from figuring the "sickness" was poison. This level of intelligence and planning from Androw seems at odds with his slow, dull mind that is explicitly mentioned in Fire and Blood. Though he had been born upon an island and now lived upon another, Androw did not sail or swim or fish. A failed squire, he had no skill with sword nor axe nor spear, so when the men of the castle garrison trained each morning in the yard, he kept to his bed. Thinking that he might be of a bookish disposition, Maester Culiper tried to interest him in the treasures of Dragonstone’s library, the ponderous tomes and Old Valyrian scrolls that had fascinated King Jaehaerys, only to discover that the queen’s husband could not read. Androw rode passably well, and from time to time would have a horse saddled so he might trot about the yard, but he never passed beyond the gates to explore the Dragonmont’s rocky paths or the far side of the island, nor even the fishing village and docks beneath the castle. The knights and men-at-arms pay him no mind whatsoever, and the servants obey him or not, as they please, with no fear of his displeasure. The children are the cruelest, as children often are, and none half so cruel as the Princess Aerea. She once emptied a chamberpot upon his head, not for anything he did, but because she was wroth with her mother. His characterization casts major doubt on how he pulled off these murders. It’d be like hearing Victarion Grejoy won a game of Cyvasse or Pate the Citadel Novice became Archmaester. You would be extremely suspicious, and much the same here. He must have had some help in planning his killing spree. It was expertly planned out from the strategy of who to poison, how to deliver the poison, and even which poison to use to not arouse suspicion. The murders seem very similar to Lysa Arryn poisoning her husband Jon Arryn. Lysa used the Tears of Lys as well and acted at the urging of Petyr Baelish. Littlefinger used Lysa’s feelings for him to turn her into an assassin. Tears, tears, tears, " she sobbed hysterically. "No need for tears... but that's not what you said in King's Landing. You told me to put the tears in Jon's wine, and I did. For Robert, and for us! And I wrote Catelyn and told her the Lannisters had killed my lord husband, just as you said. That was so clever... you were always clever, I told Father that, I said Petyr's so clever, he'll rise high, he will, he will, and he's sweet and gentle and I have his little baby in my belly... Why did you kiss her? Why? We're together now, we're together after so long, so very long, why would you want to kiss herrrrrr? " In addition, the choice of his poison and delivery methods were highly effective as well. Rather than using a poison like the Strangler, famously used on King Joffrey Baratheon which kills almost instantly by choking, Androw used a more slow acting and harder to detect poison called the Tears of Lys. The Tears of Lys resembles a disease of the bowels and can easily seem like an outbreak rather than a murder. King Jaehaerys believed the same when he was alerted by the Maester and he ordered Dragonstone quarantined by warships until the “disease” ran its course rather than allowing its ’s also important that Androw used the Tears of Lys. The tears are a very rare and expensive poison made by the Alchemists of Lys normally reserved for professional murders. The poison is odorless, colorless, and has no taste. Only some maesters can even recognize it the effects of the poison as it is made in Essos primarily and few Maesters carry any examples. Maester Pycelle famously recognizes that the Tears were used on Jon Arryn because of his mastery on poisons and lets the hand of the King die rather than helping him. Tyrion tsked at him. "I saw the tears of Lys among your potions. And you sent away Lord Arryn's own maester and tended him yourself, so you could make certain that he died. " Yes, " he whimpered, "yes, Colemon was purging, so I sent him away. The queen needed Lord Arryn dead, she did not say so, could not, Varys was listening, always listening, but when I looked at her I knew. It was not me who gave him the poison, though, I swear it. " The old man wept. Maester Culiper on Dragonstone though did not recognize the poison in time. Before he succumbed to the poison, he had been trying to figure out which disease was afflicting the island. It was not the sweating sickness, nor the shaking sickness, nor greyscale, Maester Culiper pronounced. The first sign was a bloody stool, followed by a terrible cramping in the gut. There were a number of diseases that could be the cause, he told the queen. Which of those might be to blame he never determined, for Culiper himself was the first to die, less than two days after he began to feel ill. This tells us that Culiper did not have any of the Tears of Lys on the island nor intimate knowledge of it like Pycelle did. Had he known the substance well he or his junior Maester Anselm would’ve recognized the symptoms and that it was missing from the stores. Rather it curiously fell to Jaehaerys' Master of Coin, Rego Draz, to identify the Tears of Lys instead of sickness as the cause. “We know more of such things in the Free Cities, ” Draz assured him. “It is the tears, never doubt it. The old maester would have seen it soon enough, so he had to die first. That is how I would do it. Not that I would. Poison is…Dishonorable. ” We’ll get back to later Rego outlining the exact strategy Androw used, but for now it’s enough to say that Androw was given Tears of Lys. Androw is not personally wealthy enough to outright buy the poison, and it’s unlikely that Rhaena would lend him the huge amount of coin when she barely lets him make decisions. Unlike someone like Littlefinger or Varys who could acquire rare poisons via their vast information networks and contacts, Androw had no networks and few contacts. Without the ability to compose or send his own letters, he also couldn’t write for help. Someone knew of his grievances with Rhaena personally, had a way to reach him on Dragonstone, gave him a well thought out plan for revenge, and the poison to carry it out. Someone intelligent, wealthy, and with a bone to pick with Rhaena Targaryen. Although Rhaena survived the encounter, it is clear that the attack was meant to hurt her emotionally before being the last victim. “You weep for her, ” Androw Farman said when he saw the tears on his wife’s face, “but would you weep for me? ” His words woke a fury in the queen. Lashing him across the face, Rhaena commanded him to leave her, declaring that she wanted to be alone. “You shall be, ” Androw said. “She was the last of them. ” Had Rego not noticed the symptoms of the Tears of Lys and the message sent to Rhaena right away, it’s likely that Androw would’ve finished his killing spree. With that in mind let’s put on our Ned Stark detective hats and see if we can puzzle out who enabled Androw Farman and his revenge. The classic investigative technique for criminal acts is something we’ve all heard many times: Means, motive, opportunity. Let’s start with motive. Over her lifetime, Queen Rhaena had made many enemies. What often caused that was her loner streak and rudeness. As a little girl, she often hid behind her mother’s skirt or clung to her father’s leg in the presence of strangers…but she loved to feed the castle cats, and always had a puppy or two in the bed. Though her mother provided her with a succession of suitable companions, the daughters of lords great and small, Rhaena never seemed to warm to any of them, preferring the company of a book. Her behavior softened slightly as she became an adult, yet she never really developed the graceful politicking and the gift of quick friendships that her younger sister Alysanne excelled at. While Alysanne charmed those around her into doing what she wanted, Rhaena preferred using the threat of her dragon Dreamfyre or her sharp tongue to get her way. Rhaena also had a bad habit of holding grudges. When she was young and married to her elder brother and heir to the Iron Throne Aegon, all seemed right in their world. However the Faith of the Seven had enough of the Targaryen incest and felt that King Aenys I lacked the strength to oppose them. The Faith Militant revolted and Aegon and Rhaena while they were on a royal progress. They were forced to hide in Crakehall Castle until the revolt died down. Rhaena never forgot which lords had turned on them. After her uncle Maegor seized the Iron Throne, Rhaena and Aegon attempted to push their claim in the field. The royal couple found little support outside the Westerlands although several great lords pledged their support if Aegon could win a battle first. This forced Aegon the Uncrowned into a foolhardy charge to King’s Landing. It ended brutally at Harrenhal when Maegor appeared on Balerion the Black Dread and killed Aegon and his dragon Quicksilver. Rhaena never forgave those Lords. Rhaena held a particular grudge about her younger siblings. At this point in Westeros, it had not been established what the rules of succession really were and some believed that daughters could be ruling monarchs over their male siblings. Rhaena was the oldest living child of King Aenys over her younger brother Jaehaerys. And yet, when Maegor fell it was Jaehaerys that was crowned King over her. Also, with the passage of time Queen Rhaena grew ever more resentful that her own claim to the Iron Throne, and that of her daughters, had been disregarded in favor of that of “my baby brother” (as she was wont to call Jaehaerys). She was the firstborn, she reminded those who would listen, and had been a dragonrider before any of her siblings, yet all of them and “even my own mother” had conspired to pass her over. Lyman Lannister In research for this, I noted too many suspects so we’ll talk about the best candidates for who helped Androw. The first suspects are the Lannisters of Casterly Rock. They sheltered Rhaena when she had nowhere to go, protected her while she gave birth, they gave her lavish gifts and treatment, They also expected that they would be rewarded with a marriage or dragon egg for their trouble. “They were kings once, ” she reminded Sam Stokeworth. “He smiles, but he was raised on tales of the Field of Fire; he will not have forgotten. ” Rhaena Targaryen knew her history as well; the history of the Freehold of Valyria, writ in blood and fire. The Lannisters had gambled big on Rhaena, and it did not pay off. When Jaehaerys was looking for counselors in key positions, the Lords of the Westerlands were left out conspicuously despite their power, armies, and piles of gold. Several of his advisors urged King Jaehaerys to appoint Lyman Lannister, supposedly the richest lord in Westeros, but Jaehaerys was disinclined. “Unless Lord Lyman can find a mountain of gold under the Red Keep, I do not know that he has the answer we require, ” It could’ve been just practicality that made Jaehaerys overlook the Westerlands for years, but given how much of a problem Rhaena was for Jaehaerys it seems closer to aggressive ignoring. Especially considering the Lannisters were one of the first great houses to rally to Jaehaerys’ cause and you’d expect the new young king would reward them. Instead they got nothing. Ridding King Jaehaerys of his troublesome older sister and paying their debt back to her would be a well calculated move to gain favor. While they have motive, the Lannisters lack in opportunity. They are certainly wealthy enough to afford the Tears of Lys, but they lack the ability to contact Androw. Casterly Rock is on the other side of Westeros from Dragonstone, and during this time they had little to no presence in King’s Landing or Dragonstone. Letters were out because anything sent to Androw would have to be read to him which would give away the plot. As far as I can tell, there was no one on Dragonstone even from the Westerlands except the Farmans. The only connection they had was Androw’s older brother, Lord Franklyn Farman of Fair Isle in the Westerlands. Franklyn hated Rhaena with a passion after how she left Fair Isle. Oblivious to their mood, his lordship attempted to seize his sister…whereupon the onlookers rushed forward, overwhelming his men before they could draw their blades. Three of them were shoved off the docks into the water, whilst Lord Franklyn himself was thrown into a ship’s hold full of fresh-caught cod. Elissa Farman and the rest of the queen’s friends boarded Maiden’s Fancy untouched and set sail for Lannisport. There’s a slim possibility that Franklyn arrived on Dragonstone with the Tears and convinced his younger brother Androw to go on a killing spree, but it’s very tenuous. How would they know in advance that Androw would be receptive? It’s a long dangerous trip across Westeros by land or sea especially when Androw couldn’t correspond by letter without alerting the Maesters. While the motive exists for the Lannisters and Farmans to take revenge on Rhaena, the opportunity is very lacking. Rogar Baratheon Second suspect, we have Lord Rogar Baratheon. As I mentioned before, Rhaena held grudges against those who had withheld their aid from her first husband Aegon. She never forgot that her husband died because Lords like Rogar made their support contingent on a first victory. However Rogar forgot that stipulation and was more than happy to support another untested Targaryen; Rhaena’s 14 year old “baby brother” Jaehaerys. Rogar also lead the campaign about why Rhaena couldn’t rule. Her sex told against her, however. “This is not Dorne, ” Lord Rogar Baratheon said when the notion was put to him, “and Rhaena is not Nymeria. ” After Jaehaerys was crowned king in Oldtown with Rhaena in attendance, she took flight on Dreamfyre to Fair Isle and got married in a secret ceremony to Androw Farman which enraged the soon to be named Hand of the King Rogar Baratheon. It’s clear that in the ascension of Jaehaerys, Rogar felt that his support (much like Lyman Lannister) deserved a reward like a royal marriage. At this time Rhaena was twice a widow between Aegon and Maegor, but still only 25 years old, beautiful, and a dragon rider. Rogar was a widower, and eventually married Rhaena’s mother Dowager Queen Alyssa. In the text it is implied that Rogar was furious because he wanted his younger brothers to marry Rhaena to secure the Targaryen-Baratheon alliance. However it is certainly possible that Rogar wanted the Queen in the West for himself. Rhaena had declared loudly with her marriage that she would not live her life asking for Jaehaerys’ nor Rogar Baratheon’s permission. She also refused to attend the wedding between Rogar and her mother Alyssa. The major breaking point though came shortly before Androw Farman’s murders on Dragonstone. The Dowager Queen Alyssa was pregnant with her second child by Lord Rogar, but it became clear that Alyss would not survive the childbirth. The Maester feared that she would take the infant with her to the grave as well. Rogar sent the news to Jaehaerys and Alysanne, but not to Rhaena. It’s noted that Androw offered to accompany Rhaena once she heard of her mother’s health, but she refused him in a loud argument and was quoted as yelling, “The wrong Farman ran away. ” Back to Storm’s End though, King Jaehaerys had a terrible choice. The maester told him that Alyssa would die, but there was hope for the baby if they cut it out of her. The operation would kill Alyssa. Jaehaerys found himself unable to choose, and put it to the drunk Rogar to decide Alyssa's fate. The king said only, “The woman is my mother, and a queen, ” in a heavy tone. He stepped outside again, pulled Rogar Baratheon to his feet, and dragged him back into the birthing chamber, where he bade the maester repeat what he had just said. “She is your wife, ” King Jaehaerys reminded Lord Rogar. “It is for you to say the words. ” Lord Rogar, we are told, could not bear to look upon his wife. Nor could he find the words until the king took him roughly by the arm and shook him. “Save my son, ” Rogar told the maester. Then he wrenched free and fled the room again. Maester Kyrie bowed his head and sent for his blades. The child was saved but Alyssa died. Rhaena arrived in a rage that started with Androw and only heightened when she learned that Alyssa was dead and that Rogar was the cause of it after seeing the wounds the maester’s knives left. Her tirade was pure Fire and Blood. “Where is Rogar? ” she asked. She found him below in his great hall with his young son, Boremund, in his lap, surrounded by his brothers and his knights. Rhaena Targaryen pushed through all of them to stand over him, and began to curse him to his face. “Her blood is on your hands, ” she raged at him. “Her blood is on your cock. May you die screaming. ” Rogar Baratheon was outraged by her accusations. “What are you saying, woman? This is the will of the gods. The Stranger comes for all of us. How could it be my doing? What did I do? ” “You put your cock in her. She gave you one son, that should have been enough. Save my wife, you should have said, but what are wives to men like you? ” Rhaena reached out and grabbed his beard and pulled his face to hers. “Hear this, my lord. Do not think to wed again. Take care of the whelps my mother gave you, my half-brother and half-sister. See that they want for nothing. Do that, and I will let you be. If I should hear even a whisper of your taking some other poor maid to wife, I will make another Harrenhal of Storm’s End, with you and her inside it. ” No one would react kindly to a Targaryen threatening to burn down their home around them and roast them inside. And certainly not the hot blooded Rogar who was a typical Baratheon warrior by heart. Rogar once ordering his men to separate the newlywed Jaehaerys and Alyssane at swordpoint because he disapproved of their marriage and according to rumors sending women to Dragonstone to seduce Jaehaerys into abandoning their marriage with sexual temptations. He hated being defeated, especially by those he deemed lesser than himself. A proud man, he had been stunned and angered by the “ingratitude” of the boy king he had regarded as a son, and humiliated when forced to back down at the gates of Dragonstone before half a hundred of his men. A warrior to the bone, Rogar had once dreamed of facing Maegor the Cruel in single combat, and could not stomach being shamed by a lad of fifteen years. Rogar had been shamed in his own halls by Rhaena, berated and blamed for the death of his wife by a woman he loathed. He would want his revenge, to punish Rhaena for the insults and threats his entire castle and soon the realm would hear. That is certainly motive enough after years of tension between the two. Rogar had the means to pull this off. Prior to this incident, Lord Rogar served as Hand of the King, married to the royal family, and he was Lord of the Stormlands and all its incomes. He could definitely afford to buy Tears of Lys. And his time as Hand of the King would assuredly put him in contact with the kinds of people that could get the poison discreetly and deliver it. Rogar even has a past of attempting sabotage on Dragonstone. As I mentioned, the rumors in Fire and Blood say that the Baratheons sent a woman named Coryanne Wylde to seduce and bed the newlywed King Jaehaerys. While that attempt failed reportedly, Coryanne ended up fleeing the island with a young knight named Ser Howard Bullock to Pentos. Ser Howard’s father, Ser Merrell Bullock, remained the Commander of the Garrison at Dragonstone and certainly knew Androw Farman. Ser Merrell was coincidentally dismissed from his position in the wake of Elissa Farman’s dragon egg theft shortly before the murders. Rhaena blamed Androw for helping his sister, but when that got her nowhere she turned on Ser Merrell who she deemed too incompetent to stop the theft or was in on it and fired him. Through the Bullocks and Coryanne Wild, it’s possible Lord Rogar made connections on Dragonstone. After Rhaena humiliated both Ser Merrell and Lord Rogar in quick succession, Rogar may have found a way of connecting with Bullock and exploited his anger at Rhaena. Ser Merrell’s other son, Ser Alyn, still served on Dragonstone after his father was dismissed. There may even be a hint that Androw was friendly with the Bullocks. After Ser Merrell’s dismissal, Androw curiously requested of his wife that he be named Garrison commander which did not go over well. When the queen dismissed Ser Merrell Bullock, Androw had asked her to appoint him commander of the castle garrison in Bullock’s place. Her Grace had been breaking her fast with four of her ladies-in-waiting at the time. The women burst into laughter at his request, and after a moment the queen had laughed as well. Androw suddenly volunteered to be the commander of the garrison with no background or skills. He may have gotten to know the Bullocks during their time on Dragonstone a little and maybe felt after hearing their stories he could do the job. Maester Culiper recorded that Farman had few friends outside of his sister Elissa, but perhaps he missed these. It’s also intriguing that Androw requests to go with Rhaena twice following the theft of the eggs. The first is to King’s Landing to tell Jaehaerys about the stolen eggs, which Rhaena rejects. And second, to Storm’s End for Alyssa. But it was the Storm’s End journey that Androw uncharacteristically got into his screaming argument with Rhaena. Knowing how shortly after Androw begins his murder spree, we have to take these requests in a different light. He wanted to go to King’s Landing, but desperately wanted to go to Storm’s End. Perhaps at this time Rogar was already in contact with Androw and Androw wanted a meeting. The point of contact between Rogar and Androw is a bit flimsy, however in all other aspects the Lord of Storm’s End seems like a perfect candidate. He has in the past proved himself a willing user of subterfuge. Not only Coryanne Wylde, but he previously had his men attempt to kidnap both of Rhaena’s daughters to use them to overthrow JaehAerys. He has very good reasons for wanting Rhaena dead and revenge on her following her threats after Alyssa’s death. Rogar seems a very likely suspect for aiding Androw Farman. Jaehaerys I Our last suspect is a very sly one, one that George hid in details and unsaid tensions. And that is Rhaena’s younger brother Jaehaerys or members of his small council. Wait, I hear you thinking, Jaehaerys the Conciliator? A kin slayer? A murderer? How could HE be behind a monster like Androw Farman? Well, let’s first off turn back to that curious quote by Jaehaerys’ master of Coin Rego Draz. Poison is… Dishonorable. ” Rego Draz is a very smart person, however he says out loud the exact strategy used on Dragonstone by Androw Farman. Kill the older maester first because he will figure out you’re using the Tears of Lys, and then you can kill the other target easily. No one else caught on to Farman’s murders until Rego. In addition, we learn in Fire and Blood that Regor Draz is the pseudo spymaster of King Jaehaerys. When Rhaena’s daughter Aerea flies away on Balerion, it is Rego's spy network the crown uses to try and find her. Benifer, acting through the Pentoshi master of coin, who had agents in every port, reached out across the narrow sea as the king had commanded…“paying good coin to bad men” (in the words of Rego Draz) for any news of dragon eggs, dragons, or Elissa Farman. A small host of whisperers, informers, courtiers, and courtesans produced hundreds of reports, a score of which proved to be of value to the Iron Throne for other reasons…but every rumor of the dragon eggs proved worthless. Also Rego is well aware of the poison itself, has connections back into Essos that could procure it for him, and many underworld connections. And what works for Rogar with Ser Bullock works even better for Jaehaerys. Jaehaerys spent large amounts of time on the island with Alysanne and knew the garrison extremely well. They even defended the young monarchs against Lord Rogar’s previously mentioned incursion. A dismissed Dragonstone commander is exactly the kind of person that would be looking for new friends and employers, which the Master of Coin and King can provide. If you want to work out a strategic murder on Dragonstone, Rego Draz is the man you ask. And there’s a second possibility. A lesser known member of Jaehaerys’ small council, Master of Laws Albin Massey. While Lord Albin is rarely thought of, he’s intriguing as a someone who could’ve assisted Androw. Before his appointment, Massey had been training as a maester of the Citadel for three years until his father and older brothers died. And maester’s training typically involves some knowledge of poison. Some more than others depending on their concentration of study. There’s two curious quotes about Lord Massey. First, is his response to a crisis of the Faith of the Seven. Jaehaerys’ chosen High Septon, who enshrined in the Faith that Jaehaerys was allowed to marry his sister, had died. The troublesome Septon Mattheus seemed poised to become the new High Septon, undo his predecessor's decrees, and restart the Faith Militant. While Rego Draz suggests buying off the voters in the Faith, Massey offers a bloodier suggestion. Albin Massey, the bent-backed master of laws, wondered if Septon Mattheus might suffer the same fate as the High Septon who had made such trouble for Aenys and Maegor; a sudden, mysterious death. Jaehaerys reportedly rejected the suggestion however it is interesting that it is Massey who put it forwards. I’m sure the young King didn’t forget that about Lord Massey. Following the murders on Dragonstone, Hand of the King Daemon Velaryon quits his position and Jaehaerys considers Massey of all his counselors as his new Hand. However, Massey turns him down. Lord Albin, with his limp and twisted back, would strike the ignorant as somehow sinister. “They look at me and see a villain, ” Massey himself told the king. “I can serve you better from the shadows. ” A man who works in the shadows and suggests assassinations would certainly fit the bill of who you would task with eliminating Rhaena. And that gets to the heart of the issue, why would Jaehaerys want Rhaena dead? Unlike with Lord Rogar, the problems between the siblings are much more hard to spot because of the way Fire and Blood is written. The author of the book, the fictional Maester Gyldayn, stanned Jaehaerys and paints him in the best light. There’s very little of the animosity between the siblings explicitly, but their actions and few recorded conversations tell a different tale. From the beginning of Jaehaerys I reign at 14 he had a massive shadow over him in the shape of Rhaena and Dreamfyre. There was no Great Councils setting aside female claimants at this time. Those would be enacted by Jaehaerys himself near the end of his life. It wasn’t clear that Jaehaerys had the better claim outside of Lord Rogar Baratheon’s armies, and there were those who thought Rhaena should’ve been crowned instead. Her presence in the realm and her claim was a threat to his new reign. Every lord who grew annoyed with Jaehaerys had the convenient option of courting Rhaena or her daughters and using them as weapons against the Iron Throne. These tensions only grew worse when Rhaena married without permission Androw act showed up Jaehaerys’ authority which he desperately needed as a newly crowned teenage king. Her marriage also deprived him of an important tool in solidifying his rule by taking a marriage to Rhaena off the political table. When people began calling her the Queen in the West, she refused to show up for their mother’s wedding, and she took up with the Lannisters, it’s not hard to see how Jaehaerys may have been nervous about her intentions. It's never addressed in the book but Jaehaerys marrying Rhaena himself was a very good option for joining their competing claims. That it never comes up may signal that Rhaena’s marriage to Androw wasn’t only to spurn the Baratheons, but possibly her own newly crowned brother. If the siblings were married, the threat of another Targaryen civil war would be erased and there’d be no rogue Queens flying around Westeros. By marrying Androw, Rhaena ensured that civil war remained an option. Rhaena also didn't submit to the new king like the rest of the realm. She continued to act as a Queen outside of Jaehaerys’ authority to rule. When Rhaena finally wore out her welcome in the Westerlands and Riverlands, and she returned to King’s Landing for the marriage of Jaehaerys and Alysanne. But Rhaena returned not looking to congratulate the Royal couple, but to bargain with her baby brother. it is Dreamfyre who excites them. Some fear her, more want her, and it is those who trouble me most. They lust for dragons of their own. That I will not give them, but where am I to go? ” “Here, ” the king suggested. “Return to court. ” “And live forever in your shadow? I need a seat of my own. A place where no lord may threaten me, banish me, or trouble those I have taken under my protection. I need lands, men, a castle. ” “We can find you lands, ” the king said, “build you a castle. ” “All the lands are taken, all the castles occupied, ” Rhaena replied, “but there is one I have a claim to…a better claim than your own, brother. I am the blood of the dragon. I want my father’s seat, the place where I was born. I want Dragonstone. ” Jaehaerys did not immediately agree to Rhaena’s demands. It seems like a non-issue, Dragonstone is a worthless rock with no income or food that Stannis bemoans. In Rhaena’s time though, Dragonstone had one enormous resource that existed nowhere else: dragons. Almost all the Targaryen dragons including Balerion and the caches of eggs were on Dragonstone. The king would’ve handed Rhaena the greatest source of Targaryen dominance and the tools to overthrow him. He drove a hard bargain in response. But you shall hold the island and the castle by my gift, not by right. Our grandsire made seven kingdoms into one with fire and blood, I cannot and will not make them two by carving you off a separate kingdom of your own. You are a queen by courtesy, but I am king, and my writ runs from Oldtown to the Wall…and on Dragonstone as well. Are we of one mind on this, sister? ” “Are you so uncertain of that iron seat that you must needs have your own blood bend the knee to you, brother? ” Rhaena threw back at him. “So be it. Give me Dragonstone and one thing more, and I shall trouble you no further. ” They reached an uneasy peace that Rhaena agreed to recognize Jaehaerys finally as her King in exchange for Dragonstone and its dragons as well as her daughter Aerea. Aerea had grown up heir to the Iron Throne but was now second in line. Jaehaerys took a massive risk, giving Rhaena all she would need to declare herself queen with an heir and overthrow the Iron Throne. A risk Jaehaerys ended up regretting. When Elissa Farman stole the dragon eggs from Rhaena and fled across the Narrow Sea, Rhaena was livid at the betrayal. Jaehaerys though was on a whole other level of anger and concern at the theft. When she arrived in King’s Landing, the king was furious with Rhaena and personally blamed her for loss. “What do you mean to do? ” his sister Rhaena asked him. “What I must. What you must. Do not think to wash your hands of this, sweet sister. You wanted Dragonstone and I gave it to you, and you brought this woman there. This thief. ” Not just because it makes them look foolish, but if any of the Valyrian colonies got their dragons back the Targaryen foothold on Westeros would be over. Grand Maester Benifer said, “You are speaking of waging war across the narrow sea, Your Grace. The costs—” “—must needs be borne. I will not allow Valyria to rise again. Imagine what the triarchs of Volantis would do with dragons. Let us pray it never comes to that. ” With that His Grace ended the audience, cautioning the others Rhaena had not only broken the deal that they made by allowing their most valuable resources to be stolen by her estranged lover, but possibly set their future on fire by committing them to an intercontinental war against whoever bought the eggs from Elissa Farman. Rhaena had failed their family and the Iron Throne in a truly monumental way. She had gone from a possible problem to a massive liability to the Throne. Rhaena’s behavior at Storm’s End may have been the last straw. While we cheer Rhaena for grabbing the pompous Rogar by his beard and screaming righteous fury at him, Jaehaerys has to deal with the fallout. Rogar already several times plotted to take Jaehaerys off the throne, and was a tenuous ally by blood at best. Rhaena took their tenuous relationship and lit it ablaze with the King still in the castle and their mother’s body cold. On top of that, her daughter Aerea was furious that she had to live on Dragonstone with her mother. Rhaena had given her up years before for her safety, and so they barely knew each other. Also going from King’s Landing to Dragonstone is a huge bummer for a kid. The two often fought, with Aerea wishing to return home to King’s Landing and Rhaena denying her. Aerea also was adventurous, brave, strong willed, and not afraid of anything which is exactly the type of person you don’t want growing up angry when she has a recognized claim. At this time, Jaehaerys had more reasons than most to want his sister out of the picture. Her very existence threatened his rule. She had taken the source of their power in the dragons then lost that power to the Free Cities over a lover’s squabble. She threatened to murder one of the Great Lords in their own castle. Was turning the defiant heir angry and bitter through poor parenting. Rhaena sewed chaos everywhere she went for a King who needed peace and stability. Perhaps the Queen in the East was a liability Jaehaerys could afford anymore. Maybe he inquired to his Masters of Coin and Laws how they would go about removing her from the board much in the same way they pondered how to deal with Septon Mattheus. Much like Rogar, never actually ordering Alyssa's death. Remove Rhaena before she toppled his reign and in Androw Farman his council found a willing, angry participant. That would be Jaehaerys’ way, he preferred soft power and subtlety compared to his predecessor Maegor the Cruel. One final curiosity to the Farman murders is the new hand of the King, Daemon Velaryon, abruptly quitting his post. It’s implied that he was upset that his niece, Lianna, was trapped on the island by the quarantine and eventually killed by Androw. But what if instead the Hand knew about or found out his King had helped Androw Farman. Quit in protest like Ned Stark did after King Robert ordered the poisoning Daenerys Targaryen. Or ashamed that the poison meant for Rhaena instead killed his niece. Jaehaerys has all the factors you’d look for in a murder. His motivations are large and escalating quickly. Rhaena had proven herself a major source of frustration and problems for the crown, which were only getting worse. Jaehaerys also had the means in acquiring the poison and through Rego Draz and Lord Massey the contacts to deliver the Tears of Lys and instructions on how to use it effectively. Jaehaerys’ own personal relationships with people on the island and the recently dismissed Ser Bullock gave him the opportunity to take advantage of Androw’s simmering resentments. When Androw Farman began tipping Tears of Lys into the goblets of Casella Staunton, Septa Maryam, Alayne Royce, Lianna Velaron, Samantha Stokeworth, and Maester Culiper, who really was behind that poison? Who armed Androw Farman with the expensive assassin’s poison as well as the plan on how to use it? Who wanted Rhaena Targaryen to drink deep and die screaming? Was it the spurned Lions of Casterly Rock come to pay their debts? The vengeful Storm Lord Rogar Baratheon who never forgets an insult and thirsts for Targaryen blood? Or Rhaena’s own blood Jaehaerys, tired of Rhaena playing at queen and risking their lives and futures? Or somebody else I didn’t cover? TL:DR Androw Farman did not act alone in his Dragonstone murders. Best three candidates I could find are Lyman Lannister, Rogar Baratheon, and King Jaehaerys based on their motives, means, and opportunities to help Androw.

:3D ship is seen shooting some energy into a void of space, and this causes a wormhole to open to the 2D realm::we cut to a peaceful 2D scene with joyful people, perhaps some kids playing at the park::shots begin firing from the 3D ship, and the 2D world only percieves the 3D objects passing through as 2D objects that last for a duration::great devastation to the people and buildings::cut to the aliens in the ship: "At last, we will have the Tempusphilic Enzyme, so that we may conquer the 4th dimension! ":cuts back to the 2D scene, mass panic sets in: "Aaaahhh! ":cuts to dead child and wife, soldier walks up to them: "Audry? Diana? No, oh my... ":cries as the soldier holds his dead family: --5 years later--:walking down the destroyed city alone, silently, the soldier pauses, and collapses emotionally: "Why do we even bother carrying on? We can't fight against that which attacks us. Everything we had has been stolen, stripped away from all of us. 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IT'S NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL! " Hensen says defensively. "The people that died were my family. ":the soldier looks startled, Hensen collapsing to the ground: "I've been working on this thing since just after the attackers burned down my home, 3 years ago. After reports of other cities being burned down around the world, my family couldn't take it any longer. They wanted to fight back. The machine wasn't yet ready so I refused to let them, but I couldn't keep them from it. One night while I was running errands, they managed to operate it. By the time I got back, they were badly burnt from the electrical discharge of my machine. It did not accept them. " "And what makes you think I can operate this thing? " Asks the soldier. "You're different. I've been watching you ever since you've come into town. You seem to move with quicker reflexes than anyone else. Almost as if you can sense what's coming ahead of time. " Hensen replied. "So I have quicker reflexes, what does that have to do with it? " "It's more than just a matter of quicker reflexes. I've sampled your DNA after you'd passed out last night. " "You what? " "Not to worry, it was only a saliva swab. I had to make sure you didn't drink last night, or else the test would've been contaminated. " "So what were your findings? " The soldier inquired. "You have in you the ability to percieve time almost as if it were another axis, an axis beyond Z, in fact. This may give you access to the 4th dimension. Thus you will be able to control and even reverse the speed at which any eletrical discharges happen. You will need the aid of my machine to do this, however. " "So if I take the chance, I might be a dead man. " The soldier said with a concerned look. "And if you refuse, we're all dead men, and the attackers will have what they want. They'll conquer even more worlds. " Hensen affirmed. "Well, if you put it like that, then I guess I have no choice. So how do I work this thing? " "Here, let me help get you adjusted. This may hurt a little bit. ":cut to 3D space ship again, this time with a fleet. They all begin preparation for their final attack::cut back to the soldier, now his body has almost melded with machine::the soldier wakes up, things appear blurry at first: "Am I... is it... " "Yes. "I can see it all. It's beautiful. I can see into the 3rd dimension. So freeing this realm seems. " Said the soldier, in a weak voice. "So welcoming. " "Oh yeah, well don't get too attached to it. Remember, this is the place where our savage attackers come from. "I... I can see them. They're... something on them is glowing! " The soldier said excitedly. "What? " Hensen replied in a startled tone. :blue circles and more explosions begin to appear outside: "What's going on? " Hensen asked. "What do you see? " "Something is coming from their craft. It looks like they're blasts of energy, but they appear to be larger than what I've seen before. " Said the soldier. "Huh, " Hensen replies, "Well yes, that's to be expected. We can only perceive a 3D object passing through our world in 2 dimensions, thus we only see a small portion of it at any given time. This is why their munitions appear smaller than what you see now. " "Fascinating, " replied the soldier. "So they're attacking now, how do I operate this thing to destroy them? " "It's a complete neural interface. Just think of an action and it'll do it. Just clear your mind... focus... and attack! ":the machine takes aim, and fired a 3 dimensional ball of energy into the hull of one of the ships, destroying it::the other ships notice and begin moving in their position: "They're incoming! " The soldier said. "Well keep firing! " Replied Hensen. :more shots are fired, destroying more ships: "There's too many of them! ":the electrical energy begins to surround the soldier: "Quickly! Command the machine to reverse the local time! This will undo the electrical discharging! ":the electricity begins to dissipate: "This thing can reverse time? " The soldier asks? "Don't even think about it! " Replied Hensen. " You will kill yourself and possibly this universe! This machine cannot handle the large jump back in time! You'll never survive it! " "To hell with you! I'll stop those bastards before they get the chance to... " "No! I will not allow it! " Hensen raises the soldier's gun! "I'm going to save your family and mine! If you can't handle that then you're as worthless as these aliens! ":loud bangs and ripples of waves travel through the 2 dimensional planet::the soldier arrives just as the attackers are about to unleash their first attack, and he fires on them, destroying the ship::the soldier then faints, cut to black and a a slowing heart beat: the end.

Military wives watch free online. Military Wives Watch. They definitely coat everything in salt, not sugar! and yet, it's so good! art does not have to be cheerful, it just had to be true. Just watched this film. This film blew my socks off. It properly made me laugh then made me cry. made me want to sing then hug someone.
If you want the ultimate feel good with a pinch of sadness movie. this is it. br> This one is going in the collection.

Need to do one on husbands. Military Wives Watch free. I support our military and this song is simply wonderful. The end. Military Wives Watch free web.

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