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Abstract - Tenki no ko is a movie starring Kotaro Daigo, Nana Mori, and Shun Oguri. A high-school boy who has run away to Tokyo befriends a girl who appears to be able to manipulate the weather; cast - Sei Hiraizumi, Nana Mori; release date - 2019; 112 Minute; ; Creator - Makoto Shinkai. At the first hour and a half it's the most confusing anime I've ever seen then it hits you hard with emotions and the stress they both have to find each other I believe they could've been given some dialogue in the end but at least it's safe to say they're together.

I was so suprise why the character kimi no na wa have inside this movie.


Tenki no ko download free software. Esse anime é perfeito e a trilha sonora é espetacular. Salute to RADWIMPS! love the Vocal OSTs so much❤❤. Tenki no ko download free game. Butuh sop iler ending nyaaa. Tenki no ko download free music. Tenki no ko download free online. Tenki no ko download free. Tenki no ko download free vector. Tenki no ko download free. I find myself crying. My first ever experience of watching an anime movie in cinemas was the best first experience ever. Happy otakus screaming, heart-wrenching scenes, beautiful music, everything is just perfect when watching anime. Tenki no ko full movie download free. Free download tenki no ko eng sub full movie. Tenki no ko download free wallpaper.

I'd rather live with you than living in a world without you. i will do the same if it was me. Tenki no ko download free ringtones. Radwimps always bring out the EMOTIONS in an anime. Everybody has to make choices,and sometimes its against the rules but this was worth it! Thx man for giving us this gem. Hears Radwimps making a sad song for another makoto Shinkai movie Me in tears: Ah shit here we go again. Watched this film last night and while it is indeed visually stunning, I do think this is one of Shinkai's weaker films. It's better than Children Who Chase Lost Voices but not much else. The film commits the sin of telling rather than showing Hodaka's motivations for fleeing his island home- he felt stifled there, or something. We just have to take his word for it because we don't get flashbacks to judge this independently for ourselves. The narrative feels this a delinquent with a heart of gold story? A modern magical girl tale? It's hard to tell. I can't not compare it with other films by different far as the theme of Weird Weather, I feel like Penguin Highway is superior to this film. As far as the emotional connection to the the flawed film Fireworks (Hanabi) from 2017 does this better- I cared more. Your Name is Shinkai's crowning achievement to date, so perhaps it's asking too much for him to keep knocking it out of the park every time. I appreciate the clear effort he put into this film and the (somewhat) muddled message about climate change (again, see the anime series Shangri-La for a more direct treatment of this theme. but it just didn't quite land for me. I appreciate that Shinkai once again allowed himself to have an arguably "happy" ending (many of his early works serve up bittersweet disappointment & regret. though of course it we are to believe the magical narrative Hodaka basically condemns the rest of Tokyo to worsening climate by stealing away the magical sun priestess from heaven and the (invisible) gods will have their apparent revenge! Or else Hina and Hodaka had a really bad drug trip and boy doesn't climate change stink for everyone because adults can't get their collective shizz together to do anything about it. It seems to be one or the other, hard to see how it'd be both- but that's the muddled answer Shinkai seems to be teasing us with with a playful shrug & smile. the movie is definitely worth seeing but if you had to pick this or Your Name to watch for the first time, definitely pick Your Name.

これだけの人気だと産みの苦しみも相当だろうな 聴く事しか出来ないけど 創作活動頑張ってください.


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