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; runtime: 1 H 36 Minutes; stars: Elijah Wood; Liked It: 1830 Votes; Release date: 2019; writed by: Ant Timpson. Come to daddy film wikipedia. Come to daddy aphex twin album. I want your soulllll come to dafdy. She's a queen of comedy movies. Plot twist: He imagined her. she doesn't exist, thus the title, Alone. Come to daddy little lord fauntleroy mix. Note: The conversation was too long I had to copy-paste the entire thing instead of getting an image file You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say STAND WITH HONG KONG AGAINST THE CCP! You: hey Stranger: Hi You: do u have a helicopter Stranger: I don't You: fuck Stranger: Do you m Stranger:? You: i need to rescue the man who has fallen into the river in lego city You: will u help me on my search for helicopters Stranger: Oh noo that's awful Stranger: I'll tell you if I find anyone who has one You: thank u You: spread the word on omegle Stranger: Absolutely You: thank u so much Stranger: Of course You: i shall give u a gift before i spread my word to other omegle users You: the world we live in. it's so... wonderous. mysterious. even magical. no... no no no.. not that world. i meant this one. the smartphone. each system and program app is it's own little planet of perfect. technology. all providing services so necessary, so crucial, so unbelievably profound. look who just sent me a text! addie mccallister? it must be a mistake. or a joke. or a scam! don't send her your social security number. she's right there! that's our user, alex. and, like every freshman in high school, his whole life, everything, revolves around his phone. and, because the pace of life gets, faster and faster... phones down in five. and attention spans get shorter and shorter... and... you're probably not even listening to me right now. who has the time to type out actual words? and that's where we come in. the most important invention in the history of communication! emo gees. that's my home! textopolis. here, each of us does one thing, and we have to nail it every time. christmas tree just has to stand there, all festive. merry christmas! it's still september, tim! and princesses... i am so pretty. they just gotta wear their crowns and keep their hair comb. we are so pretty. devil, poop, thumbs up, they just show up and they're good to go. but for the faces, the pressure is on. cryer always has to cry, even if he just won the lottery. hurray, i'm a millionaire! laugher's always laughing, even if he's just broken his arm. ahh!! ah! i can see the bone!! ah ah ah ah ah... and me, i'm a meh. so i gotta totally be over it all the time, you know? like meh, who cares. which is not as easy as it sounds. i gotta be mehhhhhhhhh i GOTTA! be! mehhhhhhhhh morning misses D, i see you have the little minis with ya! oh, they're so... cute! NYAH, SO ADORABLE, I CAN'T TAKE IT! I WILL NEVER GET THEM TO SLEEP! STICK TO YOUR ONE FACE, WEIRDO. OLE! OLE! OH NO! OH NO! it's hard to only act blasé. when, living in textopolis is.... just so exciting! hah low good simeans! those ah some shalp attach shays! yes, well we have business to attend to. whot kind off business? monkey business. ha ha ha ha, i sounded british. meh... Oh, that was really good.. meh? meh... meh ha ha... what the freak ya doing there, mate? practicing. today is my first day on the phone. oh, droit. i'm gonna be so.. meh. what are you going to do? blah! me and the boys are gonna throw ourselves on the barbie! woo! puh-zow! gooday, mate! hey, koh knee chee wah! sorry emote icons!! oh, I hate knocking over the elderly.. let me help, let me help... oh, my colon!!! ducks... hey, is that the time? HEY, my eyes are up here, pal! woo ooh hoo! woo hoo! right on time! and last week, Alex sent me next to THIS text! huh? huh? HA HA HA THAT ELEPHANT PISSED HIMSELF HA HA HA AH HAH HA HAH HAH UH HUH HUH why are YOU laughing, freak? ho ho ha ha ha! now, unlike me, my parents are total pros. gene, please tell me you weren't laughing just now. gene so help me i swear oh, he was, I remember. let's go see if you can get it right. i have some bad news, gene, and i'm afraid that you'll have the wrong reaction. ok, what's the wrong reaction? anything other than meh. come on! i don't want to be late! i'm not letting you go to work today. wait, WHAT? you're just not ready, son. come on!! working in a cube is an Emoji's whole purpose in life! everybody my age is working on the phone except for me! oh sweetie, that's not true. ow! YEAH! i'm going to work on the phone and I'm only ten! that's because I believe in you! should we wash our hands? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! we're number two! we're number two! see? i, i know i'm different, ok? but, i need to... i can be meh... i just... want to be a working emoji, you know, like... everybody else... and then... i would finally fit in, you know? ah, you fit in, honey. no I don't, mom. I never have. but I could change all that if you just let me! just give me a chance! but what if you get sent out on the phone, making the wrong face? no dad, i'll make the right face! look! maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah? you're so handsome when you make that face. i think he's ready, mel. come on, dad. let me prove it to you. if you really think you're ready... YES! yes i am! i promise i won't let you down! wow! Congratulations, everyone! What an exciting day for all of you! oh, it's really her! oh, pizza! first day on the job, hi, hi! don't be nervous! i won't bite! hi, i'm smiler! ho ho ho ho ho... DON'T TOUCH ME! Hi! i mean.. hey.. as you know, i'm smiler, i'm the system supervisor here, because I was the original emoji. here's how it works. it's nothing fancy! wait a minute... it's really fancy! you each have your own cube on the emoji bar! if alex chooses you, should you be so lucky, your cube will light up! it's showtime! the scanner will scan you, and that scan will get sent right up to alex's text box. and let me tell you guys, there is nothing like getting scanned for the first time. a har, you're gonna love it. now over here is the favorites section, where you'll find all the most popular emo gees. and of course, you'll find my cube here. whoo. you are smooth. just doing my duty. ha ha ha! what did i say? come on, tell me you aren't just a little bit tempted? steven, for the last time, i don't want to buy a timeshare. come on, man, it's high five! you know me! i'm a favorite! Alex hasn't picked you in weeks. when he stops picking you, you're no longer a favorite. there's gotta be some sort of mistake, i mean, look at me, i'm an attractive, hand-giving high five! oh! fistbump! come on in! hey, ladies! FISTBUMP? he's a knucklehead! literally! look at him, I can look like that! ugh, ow, cramp.. big mistake.. oh... help me.. help up a hand.. here you go... thanks mate... hey, little man, how about you create a distraction, and i'll just slip under the rope! uh, oh, is someone lost? smiler, hiya, just leaving. yeah, you know, just killing time before i go back to my cube in the far corner where Alex can't even See Me ANYMORE! you may not be a favorite anymore, but you will always have a place, in a cube! yeah, in the nosebleeds... uh, i'm standing right here? words hurt. the most important thing I can tell you is to just be yourself... basically, happy itself... i am always smiling... places, please! emo gees to your cubes! attention, we've got incoming! gotta be meh, gotta be meh. oh my gosh, my own cube! i can't believe it... oh, i could put a plant over here, and over here could go an inspirational calendar, okay, gotta be meh... look at our son get on there, i'm beaming... with pride! you don't think he'll actually get picked, do you? heiroglyphics. heiroglyphics was an ancient language of picture forms. does that remind anyone of anything. hello. a language of pictures... anyone? early heiroglyphics back in ancient... i gotta reply to addie's text! what should i write? nothing! nothing? words aren't cool. ok, be cool, be cool... alright, alex is not sure how he wants to play this... oh! i would really love it to be me! beam me up! beam me up! i need thumbs up on standby! oh yeah! thumbs up is going in! wait! alex is changing his mind! he's moving! ok, looks like it's gonna be meh... i'm so nervous, i could almost shrug. we are go for meh! initiating scan! okay, you can do this. ah! i can't do this! i can't do it! stop the scan! i can't, it's too late! oh! what's he doing? he's making the wrong face! good for him, little... wait, what? ugh. abort, abort! oh, shi... shut it down, shut it down! ah! what is that emoji? all the emo gees present, evacuate the cube! evacuate the cube! i gotta get out of here! i'm trying! oh, jeez. sorry, everybody. that is not what i meant to do! i kinda.. i kinda panicked.. are you even a meh at all? uh, who, me? like you are, is a malfunction! a malfunction? no, i can be meh, just give me one more chance? you know what would be really fun? a board meeting, where we can find out what to do with you! i just wanted to be useful, you know, fit in! now everybody's calling me a malfunction. i am a malfunction. even if you are a malfunction, gene, your mom and dad still love ya. i knew you weren't ready. let's get you out of here and take you home. one day, all of this will blow over, and everyone will almost forget about what you did. until then, you should probably stay locked up in the apartment. wait, you're gonna hide me away? you're embarrased of me. it's for your own safety. we're trying to protect you, son. gene, where are you going? i'm not going to run away from this. i'm an emoji, and, even though i'm not exactly sure which one... i've gotta have some sort of purpose here, i know it. gene, no! sweetie, please! so, how'd it go, gavel? hey, lightbulb, tell me what's going on in there. what... poop... what is it? tell me turd, tell me truth. what happened? i know it was an accident. we all have accidents you're so soft, poop. not too soft, i hope. i came up here to defend myself, but, uh, you seem pretty happy. so, good news? i'm always happy. oh, right, yeah, truth. but the only thing that could ever make me unhappy, is if one of our emo gees has made a mistake. which would cause alex to lose faith in the phone... and then, our whole gets wiped out! smiler, i devil pinky swear promise to you that i will never, ever make a mistake in the cube again. oh, we know you won't, gene. we know you won't! ha ha, you know, the first time you said it it sounded genuine, but then you repeated it, and, and then, now it's weird. we're setting you up! with our best anti virus bots! so they'll, like, uh, they'll just, they're gonna fix me? actually, delete you. but yes! wait, what? if you get deleted, you don't have to worry about department heads, or the future, or lying about being a malfunction! because you're deleted, right? right! good job! bots! no! stop, he's escaped! party time! oh, wait a minute... the air is better here! beer, tea... i'm coffee! sorry... ish... so ish e. my old cube! ugh, pinkeye. mike! my name's not mike... ah! there's AV bots coming! what, me? just because i'm in the wrong section? holy toledo! what do we do? quick! this way! let's go! don't tell anyone you're about to see this. they'll never find us down here. where are we? the basement? nope. welcome to the loser lounge, where the emo gees who never get used, hang out. go fish! fishcake with swirls sweep so you won't cry. sweep so you won't cry. i almost got deleted! me! high five! hey, what's up high five? they weren't trying to delete you, they were trying to delete me. you? what's so important about you that they'd send out an entire team of bots? they say... i'm a malfunction. gasp oh, you bringing malfunctions in here now, high five? for crying out loud, abandoned luggage, that had better not be my leftover chinese food... uh... what chinese food? huh ha! do you have any idea what it's like to be living large? hashtag blessed? the favorite of the favorites, and then demoted to this pit of despair? here, will you hit my callouses for me? at least you're a working emoji, that's all i ever wanted. well, if that's all it will take you to be satisfied, then just find a hacker and get reprogrammed. it's not that complicated. where would i find a hacker? in the piracy app, duh. ugh. and who took my clear nail polish? piracy app? to get there, i mean, i have to leave textopolis. so? i've done it. would you be a brother. one of the princess emo gees left the phone altogether, now she lives on the cloud... mmm... ooh, that is good. i'm sure the hacker that helped her do that could easily reprogram you. The name's jailbreak. jailbreak? that's great? reprogrammed. i just need to get reprogrammed, and then i can finally be the meh i was meh to be! help me find that hacker high five, will you? please? maybe this hacker can help you, too? like, rewrite some code? get you into the favorites sections? wait a minute! ow. i've been trying to use my charisma and sensitive entitlement to get me back on top when all I need is a hacker! today's your lucky day! let's roll! hey, can i come too? talk to the hand, bretheren. i thought i was... bye, felicia. ciao, fishcake with swirls. daddy's headed back to the VIPs where he belongs! wait, what about the bots? good point, good point. ow, ow ow, ow... hey... i shouldn't have picked the cactus. i shouldn't have picked it. you didn't even try to get the tree, it's baffling. let's go. high five? hello? high five! where are you? i'm right here! here we are! end of the text aisle. no way. come on, gene, it's perfectly safe! ah! gene, help me! high five! oh no, this is all my fault, high five, I... i'm just messing with you! it's just one of those rubber finger monster puppets from the eighties, i collected the whole set! alright, you coming? i don't want to blow up! we have to match up the candies so that Gene will drop to the bottom. and we can't match him with any yellows, or else... oh! don't do that, please don't do that. watch. got it? knock 3 in a row, don't blow gene up, got it. and, we have to be careful. yeah yeah yeah. careful! woo hoo! candy! yo! no no no! don't do yellow! do NOT do the yellow! i said careful! hey, addie! i... i was just wondering, if, you are... tasty. what? um... delicious. excuse me? sweet. hey addie! uh... hi nikki. see you later, alex sugar crush. ah! i'm so over this. Wireless Repair Service, how may I help you? i'd like to make an appointment. it's like this phone is playing games with me! woah! hey, what does this do? get me out of here! ooh... suck it in... stop it... ow ow ow... it's not working! well, there's one option left. we line you up with the yellows. but you said not to do that! special candies get transported to that jar. the game might think that you're a special candy. what if it doesn't think i'm a special candy? well... ah! jailbreak, hello? hello, jailbreak? uh, sorry. what if it doesn't think i'm a special candy? oh, i'm not too worried about it. alright, just do it. gene, gene! you're alive! you were trying to see if i had somehow turned into candy, weren't you? yes i was. and you have not! hey, looks like something popped up on alex's calender. ah, i'm sure it's nothing. uh, alex made an appointment at the phone store? calm down, everyone, calm down. don't worry, everything is fine. maybe alex just wants to buy some accessories. uh, his appointment is with techinical support. well, i'm sure we'll have plenty of time to figure this out. uh, his appointment is for tomorrow. then maybe it's just for some routine maintenance? uh, actually, it's to erase the phone. listen, gene, i'm about to become your knight in shining armor. you are? oh yeah. but first, we need to get uploaded to the cloud. that's where we'll find the source code to reprogram you. the... cloud? isn't that off the phone? ding dingding ding! you got it! mmhm, yeah, the cloud! off the phone! uh! we're in candy crush, oz, i know a shortcut to just dance, which is right next to dropbox, where we can get uploaded to the cloud. mmhm, of course, just go dive into the dropbox and vroom! hold up, here's the stinker. before they let us into the cloud, we have to get past this... firewall. the firewall uses face identification. it's really annoying, because i've already tried to get through. guessed wrong once, and now i'm locked out for life. locked out for life? you're thinking, because i can make different faces, the firewall will think i'm different emo gees! yeah, i wanted to say it, because it was my idea. you know, women are always coming up with stuff that men are taking credit for. you know what, well, let's hit the road. high five, you coming? i'm coming! why do i always think i'm going to come around on black licorice? ah! oh! my precious... move it! sudden death, here we come! let's try this one... you tube? wow, what an original treat, and i don't even need a remote. that guy is so expressive. he reminds me of gene. yes, something's really wrong here. our son is a malfunction, and you should have never let him go into that cube. don't blame me for that now, i am hopping mad at you. see? mary, i think we're being followed, but don't overreact. uh oh. i told you not to overreact. what are you doing now? i could be in there for hours. hey, where are you going. i think we should go our seperate ways, mel. i thought i knew the meh that i married, but maybe i don't. but, mary? this tunnel will help us avoid the bots. thanks for helping us. it's really, really nice of you. NPD, dude. you're helping me! move along, move it, why so slow? high five, stop, why are you getting so close? back off. i can't stop now, i'm having a sugar rush! i'm going to go around you. if i stop moving, my heart's going to explode! coming through, jailbreak! watch out! hey! watch it, knuckle butt! i can't feel my face! ha ha! jailbreak, you said back there that i'm... helping you. i've been trying to get past that firewall for months! ha ha ha ha ha, come on, come on, the faster we go, the faster I can become a favorite! ah ha ha ha ha ha! woo hoo! look at me i just want to bounce out of here, get off the phone, and live on the cloud! hee hee! ow! what just happened! you know, you don't like it here? there are so many rules here! what is up with that? the cloud's supposed to be amazing, it's full of dreams too... oh, sugar crash. i can't hold on anymore. catch me, gene, catch me! and you can be whoever you want! thanks. we're free! come on! oh, oh my gosh, my hands are sweating. you know what, come to think of it, i don't really remember there ever being a hacker emoji. oh, um, you know, you're taking too much of my brain space, let's try to keep the chit chat to a minimum. ooh, someone likes you. what are you talking about? this just like when peace sign gave me just one finger, i knew she was in love with me. let's go! ugh, i'm never eating another piece of candy ever again... high-five, don't do it! don't you do it! it's already been in there once. don't do it. wow. move it! are my fingers getting fat? i'll tell you what, this bandage wasn't so tight before. okay, we get through this app, and dropbox is right on the other side. we just need to keep it super DL in here. and no matter what, we can't, turn it, on. OMG this turned it on! what? i'm a hand, it's a big red button! woah. no no no no! what's happening! welcome to just dance! follow my moves and you get to move forward! do the wrong moves and you get an X! three strikes and you're out! out? what does she mean by out? digital death. thanks to you, fingers, now we're going to have to dance our way out. which is alright with me, because I can shake it like michael. or michael's glove, anyway. Are you ready to daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnccccccee? this is bad, gene, i can't dance, i got no groove! come on, everybody can dance! not me, okay? i'm really stiff... see? you don't... understand? okay, no no. stop, stop. you have to stop. i see now what you are saying? just follow her moves. ready to dance in three! this i can't do! two! dude! just shut up and... dance! i'm just doing it! hee hee! shamon! jailbreak! i got you! look, just do the music, express yourself! dance? yeah, you got it! now throw some sauce on that dance burrito! woo hoo! i'm doing it! i'm finally nailing this dance! you got it! hee hee! oh ho ho! great job! now you're moving on to free dance! impress us with your moves to move forward! more dancing? you're killing it, gene! nice! take it gene! you can break it! wait a minute! i've never seen that dance before! what's it called? the emoji... bob? i love it! you do! everybody! do the emojiiiiiiiiiii bob! ha ha ha! woo! oh! princess! woah! you're the princess emoji! you never got off the phone! new player! who? oh no! we gotta go! no worry, they're robots, they can't dance! downloading thought protocol... can't dance, he says. heh. hey alex, you gonna dance for us? alex, that's extra homework for you. yeah, alex's getting wicked, ha ha ha... alex must be deleting the app! watch out! we gotta get out of here! come on! hoo! this song is my jam! high five! come on! let's go! hurry! gene! i got you! gene! gene... hey, wait a minute, where's high five? alex trashed the app.. and high five right along with it. wait, what? wait, trashed? high five is in the trash? he wanted to dance... but, i knew it was a bad idea... i'm so sorry... we gotta get him out of there. gene, dropbox is right here, we have to get to the cloud! and the trash is on the other side of the phone! we don't know how many other bots are out there! i'm sorry! no, wait! i can't go without high five. i don't care how far away it is. gene... that's my friend down there. i'm not going to just let him get deleted. what, what is it? i've always just thought, you've got to look out for number one... but what good is it to be number one, if there aren't any other numbers? wow, okay. i'm sorry, this is, this is my malfunction, i just, i can't be meh about anything, this is why i'm going to be reprogrammed. well, actually, it's kinda cool. wait, really? no, i think i know a shortcut. we can take the music streams in spotify. let's go give that big hand a hand. come on! now it's trashed the just dance app, and our bots are offline, and it's giving me a real headache... i am so angry! i really need to stay happy. can we please lighten the mood? no one can resist la fiesta! ole! not that happy. ow! we've only got four hours before alex's phone appointment. if they find a malfunction on the phone, we are all going to be wiped! she said wiped! aim higher, steven. i didn't want to have to do this, but it is fun to press buttons. the illegal upgrade! now that makes me happy! ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! i just want to dance.. dance... argh! quiet, you saucy gypsy. ugh, where am i? hi! it's so great to see you again! you're in the trash, fingers for brains! get away from me, troll! hi! it's so great to see you again! i've got to get out of here. you can't! and at the end of the day, the trash gets emptied, and we're all going to die! oh no, no, no! this is the last face you will ever see! this is spotify? yep, every one of those streams is a different song. is it safe? are you sure that this is a good idea? that's the point of the wave, dude! can we at least pick a... a colorless stream? okay buzzkill... alex, a bunch of people are hitting the promenade, and i think addie might be there, too... that's perfect! i have an appointment down there, anyway! i've got to get this phone fixed! hey, bubble butt! yeah. ah, much better. so, i gotta ask, is it true that when a princess whistles, birds fly down from the skies.. hello, stereotype, that is a complete and total myth! i'm sorry. did you realize that in the first emoji set, a woman can either be a princess, or a bride? that's why I need to get to the cloud, where you can be whatever you want to be! get ready! whale song coming! wait, wait, whale what? whale song! from alex's biology DVD! woah! wow! woah! ha ha ha ha. you're not going to see that sitting around in a cube. funny, you went out of the cube, and I went in. gene, that means you can't be yourself. what's the point? you know, i think you're pretty cool just the way you are. we're, we're going to need this. nobody knows, the touchscreen dramascene. nobody knows my screenshot... trash? me? i used to be somebody. here i am, in an old email Alex never sent. addie, blah blah blah blah blergh... and then there's me! high five! right there! doing my job! FYI, nobody cares about you. just leave me, troll, and let me die! in this dump alone! let me look for the world's smallest violin in here, so that you can play it! is that the hand angel of mercy? has she finally come for me? give me your hand! i mean, give me yourself! take my hand, angel! i'm ready to take my place amongst the other great hands of the past. it's me, gene! gene? the one and only. gene! i got him! take me with you! high five! let go of me! you'd leave me down here? you were wrong, troll, people do care about me! and i'm not upset, troll! do you see how not upset I am? gene! you came back for me! you saved me... it wasn't just me, jailbreak helped, too. she's a hugger. give her a squeeze. oh, nonono no. not really, nothing great. i'm not feeling your feelings, relieve me! you filthy trolls, I inhaled your stench, and I was once one of you, so I feel your pain. so now, go. be free! smooth sailing from here. huh ha ha! ugh. gene! gene... gene? are you insta gramming? oh, where is my gene... oh, mary, you've really done it this time. no, you haven't. mel? what are you doing in alex's trip to france album? i was looking for you. none of this is your fault, mary. it's mine. what do you mean? is that a tear on your cheek? it's my fault gene is the way he is. i have other expressions, too. i think they've just been buried away. but with gene going missing, and thinking i might have lost you, too... oh, mel, why didn't you tell me? i didn't know myself. right now, i'm so overwhelmed with passionate feelings for you. mary, my love for you burns with the intensity of a red hot flame. oh, i like it. let's go find our son. together. we'll always have paris, mary. so you're a princess. so you have a little tiara, very fancy. is it true when a princess whistles, birds fly that's what i said! no, guys, that's a stupid myth! what awkward virgin haven are you living in? go read an e-book! educate yourself! uh, jailbreak? what the? what is that? smiley must have upgraded her bots! let's get out of here before it... hi, do you remember me, it's smiler! i'm coming to you live from the amphitheater, why don't you come back to textopolis and we can talk through our differences, okay? my friend here will escort you, alright, i'm gonna see you soon, buddy, bye now! we're actually going to delete them in front of everyone. psst, it's still on. it's still on? oh! jiminy, attack the frauds! seperate! take a look! jailbreak! gene! this way! it's still onto me! over here! let's go! we have to make it to dropbox! yes! no! go low! woah! don't worry, it can't get in. it's illegal malware, and this app is secure. come on. welcome to dropbox! you are about to leave the phone. remain seated, please! permanecer sentados por favor! might want to hang on! why do they call it dropbox, anyway? oh, this is why! i see why now! i'd better not see that candy corn again! we made it! you guys, chill. we still have to get past... that. shaw. welcome to the firewall, how may I help you? alright, here goes! what should I do? sit in the corner, and don't say a word. keep those soft fingers to yourself. yes, your majesty, princess of nightmares! now gene, step onto the password icon, and i'll feed you the passwords. okay. ten, eleven, two thousand and two. ow. cough. access denied. okay, try a different expression. is it going to blast me every time i messed up? yeah, kind of. what do you mean kind of? ready? welcome to the firewall. his favorite food. chimichangas! chimichangas? ow. huh. this might take a while. oh boy. krav maga! krav maga. major lazer! major lazer. what did i do now? ow. skate, or die! access denied. denied. i don't get it! we've tried all of the important things in alex's life! his favorite pet, his sport, his favorite grandma... i'm sorry, gene. i let us all down. now, if I had to come up with a password, I'd probably use the name of a girl I like. i've been all over the phone! he's never mentioned a girl. yes he has! hi. when I was in the trash, I read a very interesting email, but, i'm just a dunce, in the corner, forbidden to speak... what email? sorry, what? what email? uh, took it out, at school, he was declaring his feelings of love for her, i guess instead of sending it he tossed it in the trash. high five, this is very important. what is her name? her name, yes! excellent question. it... was... tina. karen. marge. lint, lindsay. ack, allison. sarah, or, lupita. i want to say lupita, but that doesn't feel right, now i'm saying it out loud. ugh.. gotta find that email, i think i can access the trash. i got it! addie! yes! yes, that's it, addie! i knew i'd get there! dear addie, you and I, we are like diamonds in the sky. you're a shooting star I see. a vision, ecstacy. shining bright like a diamond. he used a high-five, see? guess now we know why he trashed it. ooh, shade. guys, should we try this? addie! access granted. oh snap. this place, is, amazing. wow, i can't believe it. woah. one little emoji could sure get lost in a place like this. i... i guess we should, make you, a meh before that bot comes back home. oh, oh, so we're gonna do that now. we had a deal, right? yeah, okay. right. i, uh, guess i'll start hacking. ha! we did it, gene! all our dreams are coming true! i'll be alex's favorite again, and you'll be a real meh! ha ha, yeah! do the hand dance. do the hand dance. and pinky. pop it with the pinky. yeah, but this all seems kinda super fast now, doesn't it? i didn't expect to be having these feelings right now. well, maybe you should go and express them while you still can. so, uh, i've been thinking, um, ever since we. jailbreak, you're the coolest, most interesting emoji i've ever met. and, after all the adventures that we've had, i'm just not sure that i want all of that to go away. because, my feelings, right now, are, like, huge. i just think that they could be enough for me to want to stay the way that I am. if it means that i could stay here, with you, like, forever. forever and ever. and ever. maybe longer than that, even? like in the fairy tales. wait, wuh, what is that? gene, if this is about you deciding not to be meh, then, i am all about that. i like you just the way you are, but i had a plan. i'm not just some princess, gene, waiting for my prince. i mean, uh, what you said was beautiful, but, gene... ha ha ha! you're all... meh! the source code worked! turns out I didn't need it. for the first time in life, meh is all I feel. oh! gene! i have an appointment. i'm a little early. no prob. i can take you right now. jailbreak! ah! don't do that! that freaking huge bot has got gene back inside the phone! what? he left being more meh than the meh-est meh face i've seen! what did you say to him? it's what I didn't say. we gotta go get him. how are we going to get there in time before he gets deleted? ugh.. i can't believe i'm doing this. you tell anyone you saw this and I'll crack more than those knuckles. birds do like princesses! it's not a myth! it's not a myth at all! what happened with becoming a favorite? because i'd rather have one real friend. let's go get him. i can't wait to see that emoji's face! look at that expression! is that for realizing that you've put all of textopolis at risk? causing Alex to question our reliability? hmm? hey, now that's going too far, even for me! if we could delete this malfunction, before he gets dissapointed, Alex will realize there's nothing wrong with the phone. and any last words? meh. well, it's too late for that. delete him! wait! you delete gene, you'll have to delete me, too. what? i have the same malfunction gene has. dad? oh gosh, i don't know what to do! yes i do! BOTS! sorry misses meh. i did not see that one coming. smiler, I think you might be making too much stink out of all this. oh really? how about you're next? i was wrong, gene. i should have believed in you all along. oh, what a touching daddy son reunion moment! it reminds me of the time I deleted you both! oh wait! that's this time! delete the two malfunctions! How's that for an entroof gasp oh, great. I can't reach! oh no! what did you do to my beautiful monst Ow my tooth! hand, button! jailbreak? oh, gene... you really are a meh... what happened to looking out for number one? being number one doesn't matter if there aren't any other numbers. alex's appointment! he's deleting the phone! nononono no no no no! show me alex. are you sure you want to delete everything? do it! red alert! alex, no! game over. fellas, i'm afraid this is the last call. dude, addie's here. you should go over. every time I try, i screwed up! i don't even know how to tell her how I feel! if we help alex connect to addie, maybe he won't delete us. i might be able to bypass the wipe and get a text through to him. but we'll only have time to send one. maybe I should go! he has love in his eyes. send me! alex looks nervous, too! he's more shy than nervous! stop! it's gene. he's all of those things! emo gees should only be one thing! oh, really? gasp the princess! linda? not now, mom! gene, you got this. that's not me anymore. but I have to try. it's starting! no! it's ending! almost in? working on it! mom? dad? no.. i'm in! last time I was in this cube I screwed everything up. gene, why do you think I came back? it's because of you. me. it's all inside of you, gene. just try to bring it back. and do you. high five! i don't want to wave goodbye! it's now or never, gene! jailbreak, now! woah! she got this emoji! no way! hey, i got your text! that's one super cool emoji! i know, right? a lot of feelings in one! i get it! i like that you're one of those guys who actually expresses feelings! yeah, that's me! so, do you think you cou yes, i'd love to go to the dance with you. we made it! oh, i could have lost you, peter pinky finger... oh, you wretchy ring finger, even you, tiberius thumb... change your mind? yeah, maybe it's weird, but i'm going to hold onto it. gene, you did it! you saved us all! oh, mel... gee hee eene! gee hee hee heene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! and us! and high five! and high five! and high five! and high five! hey, what happened, gene? slap me some skin! and a little orange for the pinky! hey high five! save a little hand for later! unless you know the hamburger! back on top of the hand pile! you're not on the list! wait, what? what's going on? ha! from now on, everyone is welcome! wait, what is all this? it's for you, gene! everybody! the emoji bob! this is so jazzy... go eggplant! go eggplant! go eggplant! we are out of Alex's pocket, emo gees! this is not a butt dial! to your cubes! are we up and running? roger that. good, because we got incoming! looks like it's gonna be gene. hey gene, ready to try out your new cube? in 3, 2... You: the emoji movie script Stranger: Oh no that's too much Stranger: I can't take it You: ohh take it You: i hv plenty more Stranger: I'm not prepared for it You: just take it Stranger: Okay... Stranger: Thank you You: aightt gotta find other users for helicopters You: cya Stranger: Good luck! You: tks You have disconnected.

This post is designed to look at everything the Game Grumps have done in the past year. Both positive and negative. Everything on this list caused a stir in the Game Grumps community. I have multiple sources and if it was a talking point in two or more of those, then it was added to the list. Anything else I deemed irrelevent/nitpicky and thus ignored. I found last year's post a bit too opinionated, so I've decided to stick to the facts and remove my personal opinion, though some might have slipped through the cracks. To fit everything on here, a brief summary has been made, but understand that context is important, and to get all the details, check the source material. Essentially, I will give you the information, but it's up to you to interpret it. To help you, links and/or timestamps have been provided for most things on the list, (I decided to add them a couple months in, but I got lazy and didn't want to dig through several months of videos to find links for things I already wrote) and I've double checked all of them to make sure they work. Due to the amount of things that happened this year, this list had to be split into two parts. You are currently reading part one which covers the first half of the year. Part two covers the rest of the year plus some miscellaneous stats. A link to part two can be found at the bottom the summary, as well as right here. Link: Other than that, happy reading. Game Grumps 2019 Summary Wendy's Roasts Arin Skyward Sword Streams After defeating The Imprisoned, Arin jumps from a high ledge and dies Dan says that he could of used the sailcloth Arin says he forgot Dan says you can't complain when it was entirely his fault Arin says its not his fault the game sucks (Part 5 - 1:38:56-1:39:26) Arin says he hates a fan's mother (Part 5 - 1:41:09) Finale video release was delayed by 5 weeks as they normally record a backup but forgot this time Luckily someone recorded the stream and gave it to the Grumps SwizzlyBubbles releases This is How You DON'T Play Skyward Sword It's over 6 hours long Link: Ten months after the thumbnail and Game Grumps intro were changed the Game Grumps VS Intro is finally updated First instance: Big Crown Showdown Part 2 (January 7) No Game Grumps VS Intro between April 24 - December 1 (From STAR WARS: THE WORST RACER to Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games) Game Grumps 2019 Update Video Removal of the second upload Monday through Friday Monday: 10 Minute Power Hour (Moved to The Grumps in July) Tuesday: Streams (Changed to Friday then back to Tuesday) - Weeks without Streams - 30 Wednesday: Animations Thursday: Compilations (Changed to Friday and replaced with the Fan Show) - Many clips are repeated and some people went uncredited for creating the videos or credit went to the wrong person. Compilation creators Bman64, GrumpsMoments, John Odd, and Silent Lion have all either stopped making compilations or had their channels deleted for unknown reasons. Another Schedule change happened in November Dan officially announces that he has a girlfriend A fan destroys a copy of Dan's Ninja Sex Party outfit and rants about Dan's girlfriend in a fit of jealousy Link: New Game Grumps Merch Arpeegees $25 for 3 random pins of varying rarity Link: They do not have genders as they are androgynous Arin asked for Male Harpy fan art Link: Arpeegees receives its own website Link: Kiwi Farms creates a thread about Arin (has changed into Game Grumps as a whole) Suzy also has a thread Kitty Kat Gaming Shuts down Suzy will not be uploading anymore videos to Kitty Kat Gaming and will instead do streams Link: This might not be true as the last stream appears to be three years ago Suzy Twitch: Allie the Game Grumps Social Media Manager posts a picture on Twitter and Instagram about Jon Benet Ramsey a 6 year old girl who was brutally murdered Comments on both Twitter and Instagram are negative and even Arin's mother comments Link: Mother's comment: After about 7 hours both posts were taken down, an apology was made, and Allie took full responsibility Link: Double Switch Playthrough Finale is the Grumps talking over another person's footage No credit was given to the owner of the footage other than showing the video title Owner's video: Owner's Channel: Guest Grumps with Weird Al Arin Streams Kingdom Hearts on Egorapter Channel Charity Stream for Healing Horse Therapy Center Over $55, 000 raised Link: Resident Evil 2 Demo Walkthrough was needed in order to complete the demo Despite a promise of playing the full game on release, this has yet to be fulfilled Arin's Biggest Freakouts Compilation Released What is this from Sonic 06 was in the video but was requested to be removed by Vernon and it was confirmed, that all other compilations will not be including anything from the Jon Era. Link: No official reason was given as to why the clips are to be excluded Psycho Waluigi Playthrough Arin chews out Axel Rose for using the N-word in some of his songs in the 80's Wizkid creates the video "The Hypocrisy of Arin Hanson" which is a compilation of every time Arin has said the N-word Link: Arin's statement about using the N-word comes to light Link: Super Mario Bro U Deluxe Playthrough A remastered version of a game they already played with Jon Arin does not mention the previous host Jerry (Part 1 - 0:21-0:30) Dan calls a 1-Up a 1-Man then says he calls it an Extra Guy. Arin asks why it was gendered (Part 17 - 9:30-10:05) Arin has been calling it a 1-Man for years Link: (Video is now private for unknown reasons) Ninja Sex Party Perth Concert A fan takes the band's used water bottles and takes them home with them Link: Arin asks to get in contact with RedLetterMedia Link: So far no collabration has been released nor has a public response been made SlackerTV Releases The Fall of Game Grumps Link: Aftermath Video Link: Game Grumps hits (Suzy) 5 Million Subscribers To Celebrate one random person received two Game Gyaru T-Shirts Link: LS Mark Releases Game Grumps Isn't Funny Anymore Link: February 2019 One of the worst months for both Views and Subscribers 54. 65 Million Views (Lowest view count since November 2014) 19. 15 Thousand Subscribers (Lowest monthly subscribers gain of all time) A NSFW Doujin featuring Suzy called Smut Grumps was changed at the request of Arin Link: The Doujin is still being made with several changes including the main character under the name of Smut Redacted Dan Turns 40 Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Playthrough Arin says he 100% beat the game (Part 1 - 6:48-6:59) Arin doesn't know what Chaos Drives, the thing you feed Chao, are (Part 2 - 11:47-11:55) Dan reads the same fan-fiction he read in Sonic Unleashed (Part 4 - 1:16-7:17, 9:58-15:14 and Part 5 - 0:36-17:37) Dan figures it out (Part 5 - 14:17-15:58) Arin never did the Chao Garden (Part 7 - 4:41-5:15) Dan says that he had to scrap an already filmed NSP cover of a Michael Jackson song and both Arin and Dan say they can't listen to his music anymore because of the pedo allagations in a documentary. (Part 8 - 3:38-5:04, 6:05-6:19 and 6:52-11:34) Song 6 of Under the Covers 1 is a cover of Michael Jackson's Rock with You and is still on sale Link: (Reddit does not like this link, so put it into Google) More fan-fiction (Part 11 - 3:19-13:50 and Part 12 - 1:19-19:28) Total time spent reading fan-fiction (from given time stamps) 57 minutes and 6 seconds The total time of the playthrough was 3 hours 53 minutes and 11 seconds (233 minutes and 11 seconds) so 24. 4% of the time was spent reading fan-fiction Arin talks about previous Let's Play plans he had before doing Game Grumps with "someone else" (Part 13 - 10:26-12:32) Sonic Adventure 2 was one of the most requested playthroughs of all time as well as Sonic being a Game Grumps main flagship series Dropped after 15 Episodes This Is How You DON'T Play Sonic Adventure 2 Link: Sekiro Playthrough New Souls type game Dropped to Streams after 5 Episodes Nintendo Land: Donkey Kong Crash Course Playthrough Game they did before with Jon Jon's high scores are not mentioned and the Jon Mii is deleted Link: Link: The Barry Mii was also deleted later in the year (Game Grumps Balldozer Part 1 1:22 vs Steam Rolled Balldozer Part 1 0:32) Dakimakura Body Pillow Cases Merch $50 for a body pillow case Can buy both Dan and Arin as well as their Rule 63 counterparts Link: Any Video with ProJared in it (Grumpcade, Tableflip, Dragon's in Places) were set to private and later deleted The Grumps have made no official statement as for the reason why About a month later some details were revealed about ProJared, his ex-wife Heidi, and Holly Jared later made a response about the situation Link: Chai and Charlie who made allegation against Jared were both Game Grumps fans and sent their accusations to the Grumps instead of the police (21:30) The videos were privated without consulting Jared (21:59) Jared calls out Matt from Super Mega and Game Grumps for harassment and bullying (35:03) Everything else having to do with this situation is not Grump related Guest Grumps with Jamie Lee Curtis Guest Grumps with Brian Regan Jimmy Jamboree and Franklin Playthroughs (Arin only) Arin puts on a character for a couple of episodes Some of the most disliked videos for both the year and the channel Devil's Third Stream Allie jokes she was banning people who did not like Jimmy Jamboree (Part 1 - 2:49:09-2:49:22) Kris, the new stream tech, says they are offline when they are not The Grumps start talking about personal things Dan, Ashley, and Allie's plans for the weekend were revealed (They went to a Renaissance Fair) Some people have come forward saying that Allie has banned them from other streams for what they feel is unfair reasons Someone asks the House Party Twitter how things are going to include the Game Grumps (They won a contest in 2018 to be placed in the game) House Party Twitter responds by saying that the Grumps are slow getting back to them so they can't continue Game Grumps fans do not like this answer Tweet was later deleted due to backlash Link: Starbomb 3 Tryforce released Spend $100 on Starbomb Merch (before tax and shipping and handling) to get a free limited edition pin Link: Arin lists (Flexes? ) his achievements of Game Grumps on Twitter some of which were incorrect Arin claimed Dream Daddy was second best selling indie game of 2017. It was not. Arin later deleted the tweet 4 days later after fan backlash Link: LS Mark Releases Game Grumps Is On It's Last Legs Link: Mark says that in a year if Game Grumps is still making the same kind of content and still doing well, you are more than welcome to dislike the video and comment mean things to him. (6:55) Twilight Princess Playthrough Most of this is just normal Game Grumps Zelda Playthrough Quality and I'm for sure missing stuff Thumbnails contain old Grump heads until episode 46 Matt inserts a fart sound effect in Dan's new NSP promo (Part 5 - 0:07) Matt apologizes for this after Dan gets upset (Supermega Sekiro Part 15 - 2:26-3:40) Dan explains a scene from American Pie. Arin says it's gross. Dan tells him to not go SJW on him about a movie from 20 years ago (Part 6 - 9:02-9:55, 12:40-14:23 and 15:24-16:20) Arin and Dan have to look up a walkthrough after the game tells them what to do and they read it out loud (Part 8 - 1:10-6:44) Part 15 was lost and skipped but a week later it was found and uploaded Arin complains that the Stalfos that teaches you moves doesn't look like Link enough (Part 16 7:09-7:30 and 10:03-12:17) Arin says he doesn't care about world building (Part 18 - 10:44-11:15) Arin complains that he spent an hour drawing a picture and it didn't become a meme (Part 19 - 0:38-1:27) Arin says that the story isn't important (Part 20 - 10:33-10:44) Arin tells a story about a fan who complimented him about his ability to play games and talk to Dan and how hard it is to do that. People were quick to counter, citing examples of every other Streamer and Let's Player (Part 26 9:35-10:38) Arin says that he got Twilight Princess on Day 1 and beat it in a day and a half (Part 28 - 6:28-6:46) Dan suggests replaying Sonic 06 (Part 31 - 8:03-8:38) Dan calls Arin out for not reading dialog (Part 36 - 4:44-7:01) The entire wagon escort quest (Part 37 - 5:11-26:42) Dan recommends getting more Heart Pieces reminding Arin that he got stuck on Majora's Mask because he didn't have enough hearts. Arin ignores him (Part 47 - 1:49-2:45) Arin says that Sonic Fans hate him because he rags on Sonic and gets awesome Sonic opportunities (Part 51 - 6:53-7:25) Arin says that the Shoop Da Whoop Meme is black face (Part 51 - 13:50-14:30) Arin complains he did not get a zombie voice actor part (Part 52 - 4:21-4:55) In the past Arin said that he liked Twilight Princess (Zombies Ate My Neighbors - Part 3 - 10:10-10:19) This Is How You Don't Play for Twilight Princess Part 1 (Episodes 1 - 45) Link: Part 2 (Episodes 46-64) Link: Dan comments on Reddit that they are looking for 250-300k Views for a series to continue Someone points out that there are many series that were in that range that were dropped and that the Algorithm is not a viable excuse Dan replies with "I'm sorry the truth has upset you. " The responses to Dan's reply are a mixture of sadness and disappointment Link: Link: Link to Picture: Dan later removed his reply and apologized Link to apology: Due to large amount of people expressing their criticisms with modern Game Grumps on their Subreddit, PositivityGrumps Subreddit was made Link: Supermega leaves Game Grumps Ben takes over as the Game Grumps editor A lot of people had problems with his edits at the beginning, but he listened to criticism and his edits have changed over time Many people still feel his edits are intrusive especially the voice to text and commercials Ross opens a Patreon Link: Undertale Stream Dan says the reason he doesn't play game on the show anymore is because "I have some kind of mental block the makes it hard for me to play and talk at the same time" (Part 5 2:59:29 or 3:02:54 on unlisted version) People were quick to counter with the fact that Dan has played games for both Game Grumps, Steam Train, Game Grumps VS, and Dan Solo playthroughs Allie spoils the Pacifist ending Chat chews her out for it Allie spoils genocide run Arin tells Allie to censor Frisk's nips because Frisk is gender neutral and they could have a female exposing nips (Part 6 - 18:49-19:18) Arin says that they will no longer swear on streams and videos and that they don't need to swear to be funny and that not swearing will be funnier (Part 6 - 57:08-57:43) The main reason this decision was made because of a Game Theory video Since then Arin has started censoring himself by saying "frick", "fudge", "heck", etc Arin gets worried by the lack of donations (Part 6 - 1:18:44-1:19:11) Arin drinks vodka throughout the stream, and Dan offers to drive him home because of how drunk he is (Part 7 - 2:55:37-2:55:56 or 3:06:09-3:06:26 on unlisted version) The drinking continues throughout other streams as well "Gotta donate to give me determination" (Part 8 - 2:07:45-2:07:49 or 2:08:40-2:08:44 on unlisted version) On what was supposed to be the last stream, Allie forgot her Switch So instead they played Mario Maker 2 on the Switch (Arin and Dan play Super Mario Maker 2 Stream - 7:00 or 12:26 on unlisted version) Arin says that Attack on Titan is a Right Wing Anime (Finale - 14:24-14:50) This is how you DON'T play Super Mario 64 released Link: Game Grumps Subreddit reaches 200k Subscribers Dream Daddy Comic Released Link: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Playthrough Old Grumps heads used from episodes 1-18 and 45-58 One of the fan favourite series for the year (Cases 1 and 2) Guide was used starting in case 3 Huff Puff Remix released Link: What should be episode 36 comes out as episode 33 skipping 3 episodes and spoiling a major twist almost immediately Despite someone saying they would fix the issue, the next two episodes uploaded were still out of order Kris left a comment on the third video stating that the issue will be fixed The post credit scene was skipped with Arin saying "This is like the post credit Marvel Scenes, who gives an F" (Part 60 - 44:00) "Thanks watching Phoenix Wright all the way through... all 5 of you... " (Part 60 - 44:23) Case 5 was untouched People liked this series so much that they decided to make a Ace Attorney/Game Grumps fan game Link: Dan and Arin's Furry History Compilation Released Only compilation to have a Jon Clip (1:06:26-1:06:37) Hashtag ArinAppreciationDay on Twitter Arin Appreciation Day is not only a hashtag, but also a Twitter page that "is a holiday celebrated every 3 months on the 18th all about Arin Hanson" Link: This Is How You DON'T Play Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom Link: Dream Daddy Live Event Event to celebrate the two year anniversary of Dream Daddy as well as the release of the comic books Q+A with the developers They also had a book signing at a Barnes & Noble It did not go well Link: Game Grumps Live: The Final Party The last time for the current format of Game Grumps Live which is playing Mario Party with the audience Supermega opens a Patreon Link: Guest Grumps with Ben Schwartz Arin states that using mouthwash will kill all the bacteria in your mouth making you more likely to get sick (1:15:42-1:16:05) He says the same thing again in Arin's Mouthwash Conspiracy Theory later changed to Mouthwash Makes You SICKER?? (8:38-9:58) Rant Grumps Subreddit reaches 10K Subscribers Super Life of Pixel Playthrough Dan tries to tell a story about him sleeping in a car when he couldn't make ends meet Arin interrupts with a story about his morning bowel movement (13:50-14:48) Monopoly for the Switch Playthrough Arin says he doesn't want to say "Crazy" as well as other words because it might offend people in the future (Part 1 - 7:57-9:36) Game Grumps Garage Sale A two day garage sale selling old and restocked merch Link: Day two was canceled due to overcapacity (They received 800 RSPV's but only expected 100 people) A couple years ago Arin tweeted that he was at a Wendys and over 500 people came Link: Several fans were upset because they traveled a large distance to meet the Grumps but now they couldn't The police had to cut the line for safety reasons At least one game was sold with a personal note in it (the person was cool with it though) Link: Arin sold RWBY figures that the deceased Monty Oum gave him Link: Arin's eulogy to Monty Link: Arin comments on the situation Link: Fans were upset because Game Grumps owns Real Good Touring a Touring Company, as well as selling out of live shows (Between 1-2k Seats), so they should have known that a lot of people would come and overall the situation should have been handled better. Brent the organizer of the event was proud about how things went Link: Garage Sale was later reopened online Link: Hero Hei releases a video about the garage sale Link: Despite a promise of something bigger and better nothing new has been announced to this date Due to a large number of people having problems with the mods on the Game Grumps SubReddit, TheGameGrumps SubReddit was created Link: The subreddit hasn't posted anything in awhile so it might be dead New Mods were later added Link: As well as a new rule to allow crticism Link: Game Grumps Glitches Compilation released All the swear words in future compilations and videos will now be censored The censoring is very inconsistent as some clips are and some aren't To censor the clips both the game and voice audio were removed meaning there was no sound making it very noticeable Fans were noticeably upset The decision to censor was later taken back and changed to be only the first minute (Mario Maker 2 Part 4 6:20) Despite this Arin has started censoring the words he uses as well as Ben censoring some words Ding Dong and Julian comment on the Dream Daddy Drama Ding Dong's comment: Follow up comment: Julian's comment: Game Grumps Intro changes Arin's hair streak to pink Link: Hard Times releases a joke article about Game Grumps Link: Arin says that he never was mean to anyone nice to him Link: People were quick to point out that in Paper Mario Arin is passive aggressive about someone helping Dan choose what badges to wear after Dan asked for help (Part 76 2:57 - 9:05 and 10:40 - 14:20) Arin says he used to mess with people a lot more when he didn't get recognized as much (Why won't we play Minecraft?? 8:22-8:36) Super Mario Maker 2 Playthrough Dan says that they should give up on Ross's level in the first episode (Part 1 - 11:55-12:50) Ross appears in several episodes "Everything we've ever done in the history of this show that you've hated, has been because of the algorithm. " (Part 4 - 6:58) Dan says that he was hoped "I'll teach you the ways" from the Power Hour became a meme. It didn't, so Ben put in some edits saying "Let's make this a thing! ", forcing the meme. (Part 13 - 9:43-10:45) "Eat the lettuce" repeated 29 times (Mario Maker 2 only Parts 31 - 51) "Ahh the French" repeated 51 times (Mario Maker 2 only Parts 31 - 51. "California Champagne" was not counted) Nine years after its initial release Arin removes the N word from Metal Gear Awesome 2 as well as change the thumbnail Dream Daddy gets a port to both Switch and Mobile devices Chat-Mort Release Why I don't Like Game Grumps Anymore Link: Part 2 - Arin Actually Made It Worse Oh My God Link: This is How You DON'T Play for Sonic Adventure DX Link: Dream Daddy Live Event at San Diego Comic Con Link: Event to celebrate the two year anniversary of Dream Daddy Q+A with the developers Canceled: Super Mario Maker 2 Stream They accidentally shut off the stream PC so the first stream just cuts off Link: Game Grumps turns seven More than three months later, a 7th anniversary pin was released Link: The Price is $28 + shipping and handling Game Grumps opens a YouTube Membership $5 for to support the Grumps and you get access to their Discord, pre-stream podcasts, and chat emojis Pre-stream podcasts later release as normal videos (only one episode so far) Streams have been cut so no more pre-stream podcasts as well as nowhere to use chat emojis According to people on the Discord, Allie is very active, Arin rarely shows up, and Dan never shows up Game Grumps opens a new channel The Grumps Annoucement: (0:13 - 1:25) Link to new channel: Many people were asking about the previous channel Grump Out According to the Game Grumps Discord (Allie) they forgot the password and Barry is the only one who has it Two shows are currently on The Grump. The 10 Minute Power Hour (moved from Game Grumps) and The Show With No Name (Changed to Good Content) The Show With No Name was originally designed to answer fan questions and highlight fan content in order to engage and talk more with the audience but that is no longer the case since changing the name to Good Content Allie, the social media manager, is the producer of Good Content Arin says that he is fine with The Show With No Name to have clickbait (Twilight Princess 46 - 1:04-2:17) No new shows have been thought of. (Dan's on a Celebrity Wikipedia?? 1:17-1:28) Since the move, the Power Hour views have dropped about 300 to 400k. Maybe more. Arin asks on Twitter if he can be on Drunk History Link: So far no collabration has been released nor has a public response been made Guest Grumps with Michelle Visage Dan tells a story about a person who pretended to be a security guard who followed Dan and Arin backstage. (46:10-46:29) jacksepticeye uploads I Rented Really Expensive Cameras Just To Talk To Arin Hanson Link: Sr Pelo releases Every StoryTime Animation The video was an over the top animation about Story Time Animators Link: Arin says that the animation was mean and that old sytle Newgrounds cartoons like these are not good fun and hurtful Link: Chris (OneyNG who is an old Newgrounds friend of Arin's as well as Cohost of Doodle Doods and lived with Arin for several months) responds Link: Link: Link: Cory Spazkid (Another of Arin's old Newgrounds friends) responds as well Link: Link: Link: BlueBreed (Smut Grumps Author) response Link: The situation quickly spun out of control and "Arin" was even trending on Twitter (Supposedly at Number 1) Sr Pelo's response Link: Arin's comment on the situation Link: Despite Arin's response, people were still upset as it was a non apology and only mentioned himself While others threatened to kill anyone who didn't leave Arin alone (Might have to click on the picture to see the whole thing) Link: Sr Pelo's reply to Arin's response Link: Spazkid's reply to Arin's response Link: LS Mark (who was the egg crossing their arms in the animation) releases on his second channel Arin Hanson is the dumbest man alive Link: Game Grumps Instagram comments get put on limited due to the controversy Someone leaked some images from Suzy's Alt Twitter (starboy2345) that was in protected mode Link: Same date as second Tweet: Arin also has a Alt Twitter that is in protect mode (georgewilsonesq) Nothing from Arin's Alt has been leaked Most of it is speculation but more details can be found here Link: Continued in part two. Link:.

My favorite song. Come to daddy r kelly album. Come to daddy meme. Come to daddy (2019) spoilers.


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Come to dandy warhols. Come to Daddy (2019) | Nonton Streaming Bioskop Online | Layarkaca21 Quality: HD Year: 2020 Duration: 93 Min View: 37 views 12 votes, average 5. 8 out of 10 Come to Daddy 2019 – Setelah menerima surat rahasia dari ayahnya yang terasing, Norval melakukan perjalanan ke rumah pantai ayahnya untuk apa yang ia harapkan akan menjadi pengalaman yang positif. Andai saja dia tahu kebenaran kelam tentang ayahnya yang dulu. Streaming Film Nonton Film Come to Daddy Indoxxi Layarkaca21 Lk21 Dunia21 Ganool Gratis Pada saat ini Nonton Movie Online saat ini sudah menjadi hal yang sering dilakukan oleh banyak orang, hal ini sebagai salah satu cara bagi para penggemar film untuk bisa menonton dengan lebih mudah dan juga lebih cepat. Sebagai orang yang hobi dengan menonton maka kehadiran situs yang menyediakan anda tontonan Ganool film – film online gratis pastinya akan memberikan anda kemudahan dan cara yang lebih aman untuk bisa menikmati tayangan Film Bioskop Online yang ada saat ini. Dan pada saat ini untuk kamu tidak perlu pergi ke tempatnya secara langsung karena sekarang sudah ada tersedia situs online yang menyediakan anda film berkualitas HD atau Bluray seperti film Indoxxi dan lain sebagainya. Streaming Bioskop Online Indoxxi Layarkaca21 Lk21 Dunia21 Ganool Sub Indo Bisa menonton film – film seperti di Layarkaca21 adalah salah satu keuntungan untuk anda saat ini, kamu bisa mengakses dengan mudah dan juga tidak perlu menghabiskan banyak waktu untuk menikmati setiap Movie Online yang ada. Untuk bisa menikmati setiap Film Online ini maka anda bisa mengunjungi salah satu situs nonton movie Layarkaca21 terbaik dan terlengkap seperti Moviebos. Disini anda bisa menikmati berbagai genre film online seperti Drama, Action, Horror, Romance, Animasi, dan Film Semi secara gratis dengan subtitle Indonesia. Belum lagi saat ini anda bisa menikmati film yang ada dengan menggunakan ponsel atau perangkat komputer yang ada saat ini. Streaming Online Download Nonton Film Come to Daddy Indoxxi Layarkaca21 Lk21 Dunia21 Ganool Subtitle Indonesia Sebagai situs nonton film online yang memiliki movie terlengkap dan berkualitas jernih, kamu bisa juga menonton movie pilihan yang ada di situs ini seperti halnya dengan yang ada pada Ganool dan Dunia21 situs lainnya yang ada saat ini. Kamu bisa menonton dengan gratis, sehingga kapan pun anda inginkan, bisa kamu menonton dengan bebas setiap film Dewanonton dan juga film bioskop online lainnya dengan lebih mudah dan juga cepat. Moviebos merupakan salah satu website hiburan yang memberikan anda tontonan gratis dan juga streaming download movie yang bisa anda lakukan dengan online dan juga pastinya lebih mudah untuk diakses. Jadi jika anda ingin menikmati sajian film terlengkap Indoxxi yang ada saat ini, maka anda bisa menonton di situs ini sekarang juga. Release: 7 Feb 2020 Language: English 3 80 min 7 117 min 6. 5 126 min 6. 7 86 min 7. 4 162 min Avatar (2009) 10 Dec 2009 Ana Maria Quintana, Brad Blackbourn, Bryon Darling, Daniel Buhigas, Darren Mackie, Del Chatterton, Jacqui Pryor, James Cameron, James Harmer, Jorge Pimentel, Josh McLaglen, Judith Wayers, Keir Longden, Luca Kouimelis, Marc Ashton, Maria Battle Campbell, Melvin Polayah, Michael Musteric, Richard Matthews, Rob Zohrab, Sarah Hinch, Simon Carlile, Stephanie Weststrate, Stephen Painter, Steve Hardy.

Come to daddy by tyrone davis. Come to daddy imdb. Come to daddy movie spoilers. Come to daddy elijah wood wiki. Reminds me of my relationship with my Dad. Although his is purely psychological and emotional torture. 🙄. Come to daddy wiki. Come to daddy aphex twin. Come to daddy movie wiki. Come to daddy mr and mrs smith. Everything is gonna be A-OKAY * SCREAM. Come to daddy explained. Come to daddy drum cover. Come to daddy poster. Come to daddy plot spoiler. See (read more Come to. WaTch OnLinE MOVpOd Come,to,Daddy,ON,123movies. Come to daddy types. James Bond: License to kill John Wick: Hold this pencil. Come to daddy wikipedia. Come to daddy movie plot. Come to daddys.

Come to daddy (2019. Come to daddy 2019 trailer. OKAY. MR WOOD IS A VAMPIRE. THE MAN AINT AGING. 😂😂😂. Come to daddy song. Come to daddy ep. Come to daddy trailer elijah. Come to daddy 2019. Come to daddy movie elijah wood. 2:43 that's their real life daughter, Sixteen. Come to daddy r kelly. Hogwarts: The Netflix Adaptation. 0:28 Godzilla. Come to daddy tyrone davis. Come to daddy dillinger. Feeling cute might shit on someone's head later idk. Come to daddy csfd.


The fantasy island tho, gotta see it. Come to daddy trailer song. Come to daddy netflix. Come to daddy movie. Come to daddy (2019) wiki. Amy has been putting in alot of work with no Award 🤔. Come to daddy pappy mix. Come to daddy ep aphex twin. Come to daddy 2019 movies.


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