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  1. Creator: Ian Chambers FRSA
  2. Info: Busy doing much radio stuff and helping others do radio stuff, including @eastlondonradio and @bartsradio - both locally driven by volunteers. Yes,radio,obvs


  • Country: USA
  • genre: Comedy
  • duration: 113 minute
  • writed by: Sarah Y. Mason
  • Rating: 7,8 / 10 stars

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Watching a Murder She Wrote so the the wonderful Margaret O'Brien and remember how adorable she was in this film. Look at the at the music. This was wonderful entertainment. Watch meet me in st louis full movie. Watch Movie Meet Me in st. louis cardinals. My favourite movie 💘💘. Don't worry, Dad. We'll be dead in five minutes. The first four lines warns you that this is not going to be a happy song.  Take it from the top she's told and straight away, Judy's in full torch singer mode.  Classic. The tragedy is that Puerto Rico nearly DID sink back into the ocean. ironically by a hurricane named Maria.

Who Were Pirates? IF Tom Lawless and 3B/OF Jimmy Outlaw -- Despite their reputations for being lawless outlaws, pirates did follow a code... and they even wrote it down! As early as the 17th century, pirates set down the rules of the ship under what were known variously as the Articles of Agreement, Custom of the Coast, Charter Party, Chasse-Partie, or Jamaica Discipline. The code specified how much plunder each crewmember was entitled to, what forms of discipline were allowed, and even what compensation could be expected for injuries. Each pirate swore, either on a bible, a human skull, crossed swords, or a cannon, to follow the code. Tom Lawless was an infielder in the 1980s who hit. 207/. 263/. 258 in 590 PA, but somehow lasted eight years in the bigs. Jimmy Outlaw was a third baseman and outfielder in the 1930s and 1940s, hitting. 268/. 333/. 334 in 2, 188 PA. Stuff Pirates Like 3B/QB Josh Booty - You can't have pirates without booty. Pirates were far more egalitarian than other ship crews, with each man getting an even share of the booty... sort of. Certain positions, like the captain, quartermaster, or doctor, would get an extra share or more. Josh Booty was a star high school baseball and football player and the 5th overall pick of the 1994 MLB draft. He would spend five years in the Marlins organization, but then in 1999, at the age of 24, he quit baseball and returned to football, playing for LSU. The Seattle Seahawks took him in the 6th round of the 2001 draft, and he would later join the Browns and Raiders, but never played in the NFL. In 2013, he went to spring training with the Arizona Diamondbacks after appearing on a reality TV show on the MLB Network, The Next Knuckler. P Jim Golden, P Silver King, P Scott Diamond. We like to think of pirates with big chests of golden doubloons, silver ingots, and glittering diamonds... and surely there were times when pirates came across such lucrative hauls. After conquering the Aztecs and Incas, the Spanish had vast treasures they shipped home across the Atlantic, but the "treasure fleet" was no easy target -- it was a huge caravan of massive galleons, each brimming with cannons. In fact, real-life pirates rarely engaged with targets that could fight back; they preferred lightly armed merchant ships, slavers, and even fishing vessels, whalers, and sealers. A pirate might dream of treasure chests, but a more likely haul might consist tobacco, sugar, and hides. Jim Golden -- who coincidentally was born in Silver Lake -- pitched four years in the early 1960s, going 9-13 with a 4. 54 ERA. Silver King was a 19th century pitcher who got his nickname from his prematurely gray hair. At age 20, his unusual "cross-fire" delivery made him one of the best pitchers in baseball, leading the league in wins (45), ERA (1. 63), games (66), starts (64), complete games (64), shutouts (6), innings (584. 2), FIP (2. 38), WHIP (0. 874), BB/9 (1. 2), and K:BB (3. 39). But in 1893, the pitcher's mound was moved back five feet to its current distance of 60 feet 6 inches, and he couldn't adjust to the change. He was out of major league baseball by the age of 29. Scott Diamond was a Canadian lefty who pitched three years for the Twins and one for the Blue Jays, going 19-27; he was last seen in the Korean League in 2017. P Mike Parrott - Many pirate tropes date back to Robert Louis Stevenson's 1883 novel Treasure Island, including the idea of a pirate captain with a parrot on his shoulder. Apparently that does have some basis in reality. Pirates traveled to exotic lands and often returned with strange creatures like monkeys and parrots. Not only were parrots fun to have around, but they were a sound investment -- they could be sold in England for many times what you paid for them in the tropics! Mike Parrott was a high school pitcher taken in the 1st Round pick (#15 overall) in the 1973 draft by the Baltimore Orioles; he got a cup of coffee in the bigs at the age of 22, giving up one run and four hits in 4. 1 innings. He was then traded to the Mariners, and in 1979 he went 14-12 with a 3. 77 ERA in 229. 1 IP. In 1980 he went 1-16 with a 7. 28 ERA -- ouch! While we're talking about parrots, honorable mention to Edwin Encarnacion! UT Niko Goodrum and RP Nick Rumbelow - Most pirates would drink any kind of alcohol, but we think of pirates mostly drinking rum. That’s primarily because the Golden Age of Piracy was in the Caribbean in the 17th and 18th centuries. Rum was made from sugar, which was grown in the Caribbean, so pirates were bound to come across merchant ships laden with rum. Niko Goodrum is hitting. 248/. 322/. 421 (. 743) in 472 PA this season, playing every position except for catcher and pitcher; Nick Rumbelow, a former Yankee and Mariner, is now in the minors with the Mets. He has a career 5. 97 ERA with 12 BB and 33 K in 34. 2 IP. Things Pirates Used OF Marc Sloop - Pirates would sail whatever ship they could get their hands on, but the most popular choice was the sloop -- small, fast, and nimble, it could run down a merchant ship but also run away from a heavily-armed naval warship. Marc Sloop got into 10 games with the Los Angeles Dodgers minor league system in 1961, going a respectable 10-for-37 (. 270 BA) with 3 2B, 1 3B, 1 HR, and 10 RBI, but was never seen again. OF Joe Cannon - Pirate ships didn't have the room or be able to carry the weight of rows and rows of cannons below-decks with covered gun ports as a galleon or warship did. Their guns were typically smaller and kept on the top deck, covered with canvas when not in use. A favorite was the carronade, a short-barreled Royal Navy gun that could fire solid cannonballs (to use against the hull of a ship), grapeshot (to use against the crew), or chain shot (to disable enemy sails and rigging). Joe Cannon was a 1st round pick by the Astros in 1974 but proved to be a bust, hitting. 176 in 232 career PA. OF Eric Mapp - Treasure maps with "X marks the spot" is a famous bit of pirate lore, but alas there are only a handful of cases of pirates ever having buried their treasure, and there's never been a documented case of a historical pirate treasure map. The most famous case of "buried treasure" is Captain Kidd, who it was said buried his plunder on Gardiner's Island (off Long Island, New York). In fact, buried treasure was found on Gardiner's Island... in 1699, when the authorities dug it up to use as evidence against him. Eric Mapp was a 19th round pick by the Reds in the 1995 MLB draft who never made it out of rookie ball. Pirate Jobs 1B Cap Anson -- The captain of a navy ship might be selected because of seniority, noble birth, or important friends; not so on a pirate ship. Pirates often elected their captains! The only time a pirate captain had absolute command was during battle; other decisions, even where to sail next, were often made by voting. If the crew lost confidence in their captain, they could elect someone else to take the job. Sometimes the captain would be killed, cast off in a rowboat, or marooned on a deserted island, but often they'd just leave him at the next port, or even just re-integrate him as a regular crewman. Cap Anson, a Hall of Famer from the 19th century, broke in at 19 and retired at 45. In 1879, at the age of 27, he was named captain of the Chicago White Stockings and was known as Cap forevermore. A direct descendant of British naval hero Lord Anson, Cap also was instrumental in establishing baseball’s shameful color line. RP Walt Masters - There were generally several "masters" aboard a pirate ship. The Quartermaster was usually the second-in-command, but he wasn't a "vice president". He was elected by the crew to serve as a counter-balance to the captain, and in fact had the authority to veto a captain's decision (except in actual combat). The Quartermaster would usually lead boarding parties onto enemy ships, was responsible for rationing out food and drink, and also was in charge of meting out discipline for those who broke the rules. The Master Gunner was the crewmember in charge of the cannons, and the Sailing Master was in charge of navigation. Walt Masters pitched eight games in MLB and it took him eight years to do it -- he had three games in 1931, one in 1937, and four in 1939! OF/P Gunner McGunnigle - Firing the cannons was an important, and highly skilled, job on a pirate ship, even moreso than on a navy warship. Navy gunners could pound away at an enemy ship until it sunk, but a sunk ship was worthless to a pirate; their goal was to disable an enemy ship, not destroy it. Gunner McGunnigle played briefly in the 19th century, earning the nickname “Gunner” because of his strong arm as both a pitcher and an outfielder, but is better remembered as a manager and as the inventor of the catcher’s mitt. RP Kim Seaman, P Sailor Stroud, and P Bill Hands - The rank-and-file seamen and sailors on a pirate ship were commonly referred to as "hands". Most pirates were sailors from ship crews who either deserted or were kidnapped and pressed into service. Of course, if you were captured by the authorities, you would say the latter. But many willingly joined because a lawful life at sea in the 17th and 18th centuries was a brutal one. Many have said being a sailor in the Royal Navy -- frequent floggings, hard labor, little pay, and awful food -- was worse than being in prison, because at least in prison you didn't also have the risk of drowning. Kim Seaman had a nice start as a 23-year-old reliever with the Cardinals in 1980, going 3-2 with 4 saves and a 3. 42 ERA, but was sent down to the minors and never came back up. Sailor Stroud was a right-handed pitcher who also ended up in the minors... by choice. In the 19 teens and twenties, some players preferred playing in the minors on the west coast to the major leagues: better weather, easier travel, and in many cases, better pay. In 1922, Stroud was offered a contract by the New York Yankees, but he turned it down -- they offered him less money than he was making playing in the San Joaquin Valley League! I can't find a source for the nickname of Sailor, but maybe he just didn't like his given name: Ralph Vivian Stroud. Bill Hands was a righty pitcher in the 60s and 70s who went 111-110 over an 11-year career, posting a 3. 35 ERA. Things Pirates Wear OF Patcheye Gill - Every pirate costume features an eye patch. Certainly losing an eye was possible given the rough life a pirate led. But many speculate pirates wore eye patches while in the bright sun so they’d always have one eye ready to see in the darkness below decks. Johnny “Patcheye” Gill didn't wear an eyepatch and no one seems to know where the nickname came from. He played six years in the majors between 1927 and 1936, hitting. 245/. 306/. 398 with 10 HR in 354 PA. P Mark Wooden - A popular image is of a pirate hobbling around on a peg leg, but in reality there were very few pirates with wooden legs -- the loss of a limb at sea was often a death sentence, due to a lack of medical knowledge and the ever-present risk of infection. One that we know of was the Frenchman François le Clerc, who the Spanish called "Pata de Palo" -- wooden leg! Le Clerc lost a leg in battle against the English, but he not only survived, he strapped on a wooden leg and continued his life at sea. He was killed in action by the Spanish in 1563. Mark Wooden was a pitcher in the Seattle Mariners farm system from 1986 to 1990, going 21-19 with 50 saves and a 3. 67 ERA, but never made it above Double-A. P Hooks Wiltse - One of my favorite pirate jokes is about a new crewman meeting a grizzled old pirate with a hook, a peg leg, and an eye patch. The crewmember asks how he incurred such awful wounds. "Arr, lost me leg to a cannonball, " the old salt says. "And your hand? " the wide-eyed crewman asks. "Arr, chopped off in a duel, " the pirate replies. "And your eye? " the recruit asks. "A seagull pooped in it, " the pirate says. "You lost your eye because of that? " the crewman asks. "Aye... 'twas me first day with the hook. " A curveball is often called a hook and lots of pitchers with good curveballs have acquired the nickname Hooks. However, Hooks Wiltse got the nickname either because he was such a good fielder -- his catcher reportedly shouted "that's hooking them! " after he snared a ball hit back the middle -- or because he was such a bad fielder that a manager said it appeared he had hooks for hands! Flags Pirates Fly 1B Jeff Flagg - Pirates are famous for their flag, often known as the Jolly Roger but more generically the black flag or black jack. But that wasn’t the only flag they flew. When a pirate ship flew the Jolly Roger, it meant they would show mercy if their prey surrendered. If they flew the red flag, it meant no survivors would be taken. Merchant crews were wise to give up at the sight of the black flag! Jeff Flagg was a member of Mississippi State University's College Baseball World Series champion team in 2007. After three years in the Mets minors and two more in the independent league, Flagg took up golf and in 2014 he won the Long Drive World Championship and a cool $250, 000! RP Dave Jolly - The Jolly Roger was a generic name for a pirate flag, not necessarily the skull and crossbones. In 1721, the infamous Welsh pirate Black Bart flew a black flag he called the Jolly Roger, but it depicted a pirate captain and a skeleton; in 1723, the pirate Francis Spriggs also called his flag Jolly Roger, but it was a red skeleton on a black background; and a man who had been captured by pirates in 1724 reported they too called their flag the Jolly Roger, but it was a black flag embroidered with the image of a skeleton stabbing a heart with a spear. Dave Jolly pitched for the Milwaukee Braves from 1953 to 1957, going 16-14 with 19 saves. In his best season, 1954, he posted a 2. 43 ERA in 111. 1 innings -- 46 relief appearances, one start! P John Skulley and SS Bones Ely - The Skull and Crossbones was just one of several different pirate flags, but it's the most famous one today. Initially the skull and crossbones was a Christian symbol and you’ll sometimes find old crucifixes with the skull and crossbones on them. If a sailor died at sea, the captain would inscribe a skull and crossbones next to the sailor’s name in the ship’s log, as today we might write “R. I. P. ” Pirates appropriated the symbol for their flag as a warning that if you didn’t surrender, it would soon appear next to your name. John Skulley was a fireballing lefty in the Detroit Tigers system in the 1960s, going 16-6 with a 2. 13 ERA; he struck out 206 batters in 181 innings in '65, but must have blown out his arm because he never came close to those numbers again. He was out of baseball by age 22. Bones Ely, whose nickname came from his stick-figure thinness, was a 19th century shortstop. He played mostly for the... coincidentally... Pittsburgh Pirates, but had his best season with the St. Louis Browns in 1894, hitting. 344/. 463 in 553 PA. Famous Real-Life Pirates RP Jake Kidd -- Captain Kidd was one of the most famous pirates... but he wasn’t a pirate at all! Kidd was a pirate hunter who mistakenly captured a ship he thought to be the enemy. He tried to release it, but his unruly crew refused, and he ultimately paid the price. During World War II, Rear Admiral Isaac Kidd was killed at Pearl Harbor. The U. S. Navy commissioned a destroyer named after him, and the crew hoisted a Jolly Roger in tribute to that other Kidd. The ship became known as “The Pirate of the Pacific” and is now a museum ship. Jake Kidd was a Rockies prospect between ‘97 and ‘01 who never made it above A-ball despite a respectable 3. 76 ERA in 146. 0 IP. RP Brian Wilson - Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, terrorized the Caribbean and the American East Coast in the early 18th century. Despite his fearsome reputation, it's said Blackbeard never killed a prisoner and was well respected by his crews. He was killed in action against the English off the coast of North Carolina in 1718. Reliever Brian Wilson grew a huge black beard during the San Francisco Giants' playoff run in 2010, launching a "Fear the Beard" chant. Over his nine-year career, Wilson went 24-25 with 172 saves and a 3. 30 ERA. OF Larry Francis Drake - Sir Francis Drake was a famous 16th century privateer, which was a sort of officially sanctioned pirate — you had your country’s permission to capture enemy merchant ships, without being considered a pirate. (Of course, the other country might consider things differently. ) Drake also was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe. Almost 400 years later, Larry Francis Drake briefly played for the Philadelphia A’s and later the Washington Senators, accumulating a grand total of two hits in nine career at-bats. SP Black Jack McDowell - Australia's first and (to date) only pirate was Black Jack Anderson. Born in Massachusetts, in 1826 he set up shop on Middle Island off the southern coast of Western Australia. In addition to raiding ships, Black Jack and his heartless thugs murdered many Aboriginal men and took their women as slaves. Black Jack McDowell won the Cy Young Award in 1993 after going 22-10 with a 3. 37 ERA in 256. 2 innings, and was a three-time All-Star. But McDowell might be best remembered for his infamous middle finger gesture to fans at Yankee Stadium as they booed him leaving the mound after a disastrous performance; there’s even a song about it, The Yankee Flipper. Famous Fictional Pirates 1B Long John Reilly - Long John Silver from Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island is the prototypical image of a pirate: A one-legged man with a parrot on his shoulder. The character wasn't based on any particular pirate, but in fact on another writer: William Henley, a massive one-legged man with a thick beard. During the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings in 1991, we were introduced to another fellow, Long Dong Silver. Long John Reilly was a 19th century 1st baseman who hit. 289/. 325/. 438 over a 10-year career. At at time when the average man's height was around 5'6", "Long John" was a truly long 6'3"! P Jay Hook - Captain Hook’s pirate ship is named the Jolly Roger which isn't very creative. J. M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, wrote that Hook was actually his nickname and that his real name was a closely guarded secret; if his true identity were to be revealed, it would "set the country in a blaze. " Jay Hook went 29-62 between 1957 and 1964, including 8-19 for the inaugural 1962 New York Mets -- including the first win in Mets franchise history. Hook went to Northwestern University during the off-seasons, eventually graduating with a degree in engineering; he later got a master's degree in thermodynamics. A brilliant man who understood better than many the physics behind baseball, he tried to explain to his less educated teammates why a curveball curves. Manager Casey Stengel quipped: "If Hook could only do what he knows. " Honorable mention to Sparky Anderson, who got the nickname “Captain Hook” for his propensity to quickly change pitchers, at least compared to other managers of his era. P Sparrow Morton - Johnny Depp said he envisioned Captain Jack Sparrow as a combination of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and Looney Tunes character Pepé Le Pew. LHP Sparrow Morton started two games for the Philadelphia Quakers in 1884, losing both of them (17. 0 IP, 16 H, 20 R, 10 ER, 11 BB, 5 K). Talk Like A Pirate! RF Ivey Shiver - Shiver me timbers! The timbers are the wooden frames and masts on a ship, the only "timber" (as in trees) a sailor is likely to see. In rough seas, the timbers would shake as if they were shivering. Though the phrase was popularized by Treasure Island, it was an actual exclamation used by sailors dating back to the 18th century. Ivey "Chick" Shiver played in two games with the Tigers in '31, then in 19 more with the Reds in '34, hitting. 191 (. 519 OPS) in 71 career PA; he was an All-American with the Georgia Bulldogs football team in 1927. CF Dummy Hoy -- “Ahoy! ” is up there with “Avast! ” as one of the most common pirate exclamations. They’re not interchangeable, though. “Ahoy! ” is a general greeting, a sailor’s way of saying “hi there. ” But “Avast! ” means “listen up! ” It’s the pirate equivalent of a soldier yelling “ten-HUT! ” Dummy Hoy was a 19th century center fielder; his nickname wasn’t a reference to any lack of intelligence but because he was deaf and didn’t speak. There have been numerous ballplayers with the nickname Dummy, all of them deaf; baseball nicknames can be cruel. OF Ol’ Mate Goodman - Pirates often referred to each other as matey, but there also was the first mate. On a naval ship, the first mate is second in command... but not necessarily on a pirate ship. Pirate crews elected their captains, and after the captain was elected, he would name a first mate to serve as his right-hand man and enforcer. But if the captain fell out of favor with the crew, often the first mate would too, and share his fate. Ival "Ol' Mate" Goodman played in the 30s and 40s, mostly for the Cincinnati Reds. A two-time All-Star, in 1939 he hit. 323/. 401/. 515 in 594 PA. He got the nickname “Ol’ Mate” because of his habit of calling everybody “Mate”, in the Aussie style. (But he was born in Missouri. ) 1B/C Jiggs Donahue - "Dance the Hempen Jig" was pirate slang meaning to be hanged -- the rope was typically made of hemp, and it was common for a hanged man to kick and twitch as if dancing in mid-air. If caught by the authorities, the penalty for being a pirate was usually death by hanging followed by gibbeting -- the corpse left to rot in a metal cage for all to see. The famous Captain Kidd had the unusual distinction of dancing the hempen jig twice -- the rope broke after his first drop, but the hangman had better luck the second time. Jiggs Donahue, who played from 1900 to 1909, got his nickname as a young man working in a cigar store, dancing a jig when business was slow. Jiggs is one of the few left-handed throwing catchers in baseball history. IF Salty Parker -- A “salty pirate” is a mixed drink (rum and shandy served in a glass with salt around the rim); a water park in North Carolina; and, according to Urban Dictionary, a sex act. An “Old Salt” is typically the most senior member of the crew and often the one who tells the best tales of the sea. Salty Parker was an infielder in the 1930s who became a manager and coach for many years. He got the nickname because he loved snacking on salted peanuts. OF Nathan Yoho -- The popular pirate's song, "Dead Man's Chest" ("Fifteen men on a dead man's chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! "), is yet another pirate trope that comes from Robert Louis Stevenson's 1883 novel Treasure Island. There's also the song from the Disney World ride, "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate's Life for Me. " As for Nathan Yoho, he hit. 284/. 352/. 425 as a four-year player at the University of Iowa, then in 2005-2006 was in the Milwaukee system, hitting. 232/. 327. SP Eddie Plank -- Supposedly a pirate’s favorite method of execution was to tie up the helpless prisoner and then force him to "walk the plank", off the side of the ship into the water below. The idea dates back at least to the 18th century, but initially it wasn’t associated with pirates; it was said this was how mutineers dispatched their former officers at sea. "Gettysburg Eddie" Plank was a Hall of Fame pitcher from 1901-1917, pitching mostly for the Philadelphia Athletics. Plank, whenever he started the 7th inning, would announce “nine to go, ” and then after getting the first out, “eight to go, ” and so on. He made it all the way to zero pretty often — he threw a complete game in more than 75 percent of his 529 career starts! C/RP Kenny Swab - "Swabbing the deck" means to mop it with seawater... but not necessarily to clean it. Sailing ships were made of wood, and wood is prone to rot. By sloshing the wooden deck with seawater, they were preventing wood-destroying fungi from growing on it. Just as important, wooden planks had to be kept wet -- the boards, when dry, were not only prone to catching fire, but would shrink, creating gaps between the boards which would expose cargo stored below decks to the elements. "Swabs" also was a mildly insulting term for sailors. Kenny Swab was a farmhand in the Royals system from 2011 to 2013. After not making it as a catcher, he tried relief pitching, posting a 4. 15 ERA in 17. 1 IP, but never made it to the bigs. OF Davy Jones - The first published reference to Davy Jones’s Locker — as in, where drowned sailors and sunken ships reside, at the bottom of the sea — dates to 1726. Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe, wrote in a later novel of sailors being warned they’d wind up in Davy Jones’s Locker. A 1751 novel describes Davy Jones as a sort of undersea demon king who causes disaster for ships. Others said that Davy Jones was a real-life pirate. We know for sure that Davy Jones was a real-life baseball player, an outfielder from 1901 to 1915 (plus one game in 1918). At a time when the reserve clause bound players to one team for as long as their owners wanted them, Jones was unusual in that he played for five different teams -- a lawyer, he found loopholes to escape his contracts, "jumping" from team to team so often that he was dubbed "the Kangaroo. " SP R. A. Dickey -- Arrr! Every pirate says "arrr". That affectation comes from the 1950 movie Treasure Island, based on the 1883 novel of the same name. The movie starred Robert Newton, who delivered his lines with a thick "West Country" accent, including frequent use of "arrr". Newton would later reprise the role in a sequel and in a TV series, and would use the same accent playing Blackbeard in a 1952 movie. From then on, the "pirate voice" was burned into the national psyche! Arrrr. Dickey looked like his career was over until, at the age of 30, he started working on a knuckleball. After his first seven years in the league, Dickey posted a 5. 43 ERA with a 1. 572 WHIP in 442. 2 IP; the next seven years, he had a 3. 58 ERA with a 1. 207 WHIP in 1, 441. Edit: Arrr, thank ye for the gold and silver, me hearties!

In the year before the 1904 St Louis World's Fair, the four Smith daughters learn lessons of life and love, even as they prepare for a reluctant move to New York.
This film took me a while to warm up to. Judy Garland, the star of the film, is dressed horribly with awful hair, and frankly I find her singing voice quite atrocious. How can this be? In others films ( Wizard of Oz" and "A Star in Born" she sings so nicely. Of course, the songs in general are pretty awful in this one. not fun like other musicals (e.g. "State Fair. br> I would have rated the film lower, but the Halloween scene redeemed it. Kids starting fires, dumping in old furniture, and smashing people in the face with flour? Priceless.

Watch movie meet me in st. louis in st louis. So it all really started when I was around, idk actually. My parents explained my recurring night terrors but I never had quit to continually recount how they had been with me seemingly all my life. It would be hell before I went to bed, that I would remember as I would put up a fuss knowing that some horror scenario was going to occur in my sleep until I would be awoken with fright only to be put back to sleep and awake over and over again. This continued with bed wettings until I was 12 when I prayed to God and my grandma gave me a dream catcher so I could finally enjoy peaceful dreams again. Now this next part is inappropriate in its own manner because it draws out I began to relate all of my issues to my genitals being mutilated. Being potty trained and peeing over the plastic toilet or folding back the remains of my severed prepuce felt like the only odd thing nature had truly messed up to me as a young child, other than that I felt very pure and perfect in everyway. Fast forward to the age of 15 and I came across a post by a woman who I had great respect for protesting against circumcision. I knew not much more than the bible and my dad explaining it to me at one point when I was 8: saying they sliced just the tip incase I married a Jewish woman with great pride, so during that time, I had assumed it was only my glans or for reference the male clitoris. If it was only just a little nick which I did notice a weird discoloration at the tip like some amount had been sliced, then what was the damage done I had said to myself. Well being 15 I went to look on google and came across the usual excuses and ideas such as a photo comparing a circed and an uncirced and to me this struck me as a little odd as I now have a deeper understanding that they cut off quite a large length. I wasn't too hurt though as I quested through an article making it sound like the foreskin would never retract. So I felt fine and assumed then and there that my parents would never hurt me and they had in fact given me more sexual pleasure. Well that would have been the case had not my psoriasis developed onto my tip and now things are going to get a little more graphic. I must advise any children reading this to look this stuff at their own risk with regards to their mental health and to save their sexual wholeness at all costs as I am not ashamed to admit that porn and masturbation and a desire to fornicate played a great role in my later dysfunction too. Dear children, there is nothing more pleasing or better then to spend your eyes and sex with an actual human being and if you are ever to go look this stuff up out of curiosity I highly advice you to not even though I feel this is hard with our society 1. telling girls to dress promiscuously 2. comparing our sexual instinct to animals and not to a higher divine class of beauty and civility 3. again, censoring "hate and abuse" but not the very thing that makes our genetics immortal in a higher tongue of speech. So psoriasis, a skin disease caused by an overabundance of heavy metals from the sky and water on my genitals. A sensitive exposed part now itched and was right next to the open remains of my foreskin constantly exposed, persuading me to porn. And then it hit. I wondered why my glans looked terrible compared to a lot of pornstars and others did not where they were smooth like that of the mouth. I would later learn it is because the glans are an eternal organ lacking the barrier of the epidermis that makes skin greyish, and that due to exposure, it had developed a callous like of the same material of nails or hair. In reality the only pleasure for most men was on the cornara, the area under the glans technically the foreskin, usually not stimulated directly. This direct stimulation causes a dysfunctional sensation that men will burst for a short period of time after much senseless rubbing causing an issue that is abrasive ro female genitale, something we know as PE. And in more traumatic cases, some develop a case where they cant cum because all of the foreskin is taken. Luckily for me and probably not known to my father's experience (he was the kind of man who took family baths and showers when we were little so I saw his botched tiny dick) my doctor was nice enough to leave me with a frenulum amd enough foreskin to make it longer. It was by far the mostagically sensitive and pleasing part of what was left of my foreskin. I could hump my bed to orgams and I would fly through space on rare occasions (that is what I suspect intact men feel all the time) all because of this compacted skin underneath my penis. So for circumcised men, if you feel any sexual pleasure it is because of the foreskin and alot of us had most of it taken away. This realization gave me a resurgence of desire to look further and soon I feel into an obsession. I eventually confronted my dumbfounded parents. First it was family therapy, then personal therapy and soon my hobby and enjoyment of red pilling became a serious stressful matter as it is still is today that all the chemiclas dumped on us and brainwashing was apart of this bigger scheme to hurt us all and that because of this my parents were stupid enough to make a choice like this. I looked to religion desperately wondering if god could save me from my new misery of this genitle cutting culture. No one was sympathetic because to them I was attacking them whenever I cried out in pain from misery. Who could make such a sacrifice to think I was right, it would mean that they were not safe and those such as their doctors, our parents may have not had their best interests, or worse, not known what was best for them. I packed a bible one night and some cans of food to walk forty miles and sleep in the field only to frightened that to escape this new hell I would now have to eat racoons most likely. It couldn't and so forty miles back I found the police at my house who took me to get screened against my will remind me of the lack of freedom and consent this society will have in store for me. Land of the free was a lie too. And my patriotic father, circumcised by his intact immigrant father could never think that this world was not for his best interest. That WWII was the war to end all evil and how there was just a few more battles to fight in conservatism. He had even thought til so long ago that his father was circumcised. A case of cognitive dissonance, on both sides if you consider it. Later I would walk another twenty miles that summer barefoot thinking I could live away on the nearby island only to be frightened again and walk home to my parents again. It really started to plague my life, the perfect American life as I do not think for the past three years I have gone a day without having to pee in the toilet wherever I go and see it. Or walk and feel it. And I think that was what had gotten to me the most when I had tried to run away, knowing that no matter how far I go, whether it be the edge of the universe, I would be reminded that my PRIVATE PARTS were not mine to even nurture like the rest of my body. And I am an intelligent kid, cooking since my mom showed me how to, building my own 20 square foot garden in a dense weed patch all by myself and growing every year, and maintaining my own saltwater aquarium since I had been 12 with coral. I really wanted it to leavey head and end and no therapist telling me I was wrong and I had obsessive COMPULSIVE disorder or throwing meds at me for being down about not having hope helped. So I poured bleach on my skin to make the constant rubbing go away and over time forget about it. I lost my frenulums feeling and since then masturbation has never been the same. I then tried to pull over the skim that was left over my glans and at times I was able to keep it on for three days holding in my pee and the feeling was majestic as the old callous skin regained its sensitivity. But after a case of mt skin tearing near the bottom I stopped. I ordered aesthetic foreskins that my mom threw at me in hope I would stop my bitching. It only reminded me of what I was missing. Eventually school became impossible and Junior year, 7 months since discovery I was admitted to the hospital for the first time after an overdose on aspirin when my stressed parents scolded me and walked when I was in need. They love me but I have noticed that they try to stay as far away from me as possible whenever I explain my feelings about this often telling me I guilting them. And it is hard because before all this my parents were my best friends amd things are getting better now, I try not to bring it up regardless of my daily suicidal thoughts because in order to maintain the romantic life they plead for must hide my pain from everyone (except you guys:-)) My suicidal thoughts appeared for any of you parents dealing with kids like this or anyone else going through this when they thought medicine would cure my "OCD. " It doesnt, it does not, I am telling you this stuff keeps you where yoh are at, regardless of what they say, stop taking pills, they are bad for you, they cause suicide and much of it is being recycled into our water! We are in an epidemic. But back to the hospital, I noticed the keen difference between the gentleness between the nurses for the physically sick and the mentally sick. In the actual hospital, it was like heaven and I had a lot of good thoughts and I was feeling better. In the mental hospital it was like a prison and they made all coping impossible. No it was smaller than a prison, it was hell. I lost part of my should there and the doctors kept me there as long as they could because I refused to accept that I should be circumcised. I wanted understanding, but in reality I had gotten a relash as the hospital supported the idea that I was mentally deranged for having an opinion and a conflict of interest that was personal and great to me where nothing could be done due to the indifference towards an issue that they were taught to support and accept. Come winter of that same year and this time I was kept from Christmas and the rest of the holidays after I had gone mad in the men's bathroom. I held the rage as best I could think about how could women be so indifferent towards the treatment of men. They went to the bathroom where no one would ever experience any sort of discriminatiom on their genitals, the peace of mind. When I got home I couldn't restrain from speaking in front of my grandma, this tradition of abuse must not go unheard of for anyone when to the best of my ability and full understanding of my loss and the hardship of not being able to escape such wounds. Of course I rather talked of my want to just cut myself infront of my dad, which earned me a trip to the hospital that night never having gotten to my disscuss with the mutilation. I never told her until this past year actually, amd this event took place a little over two years ago. Anyhow, I went back to the hospital where again I tried talking to the people I was supposed to trust the most, the ones who were being paid to show me a purpose to life as I will remind you I admitted myself in that night. Instead they treated again like a deluded prisoner as one of the staff members told me with pride how he watched his son get circumcised. Totally insensitive to my feelings I held my trigger in and every once in awhile I would bash the concrete walls with my fist before a fat guard came in with a needle to pinch me with his useless tranquilizer. After two weeks and a larfer will to kill myself more then before I did all they said, lied to with a mask and escaped hell once more. I will remind you they are all the same too as this one was Centerprism and not anything else. The outpatient program was light in all of this misery. I had not yet shared among my peer friends my feelings but the leader or coordinator, an older man had been the most sensitive and understanding of all of them. Even though he couldn't quite grasp mt feelings, he never took me for a rivalry but saw me as the broken kid I was encouraging me to share with the rest of the group. I drew a lot of pictures and everyone appreciated me. But it was hard to share my "obsessive feelings" as I would say to the group and I would then share my hurtness best I could. Over time the bonds and new group, a whole broken us made a great social group that I will never forget. Many times throughout such history of these patient programs had I met the nicest most inclusive people ever always getting the best compliments ever. Maybe they should have made some daycare for us out casts as it was in a way because we could all see past our hardships and bond together, something many of us were simply missing out on. Fuckedicene, all it had ever gotten me was more abuse from truly sick people because I had suffered effects these institutions never stopped to ignore. Well time passed, one day after spring break I couldn't get out of bed to finish my midterms at my private school amd so I transferred to my school. People were cool there too, more so then they are at college these days. And then I fell into a depression again this time as my parents wanted it for me to get better once amd for all by following the dogmatic principles of the medicine institution that had been bothering me in the first place. They sent me to a home with five other teenagers where I was completely devoid of contact. It was interesting, there were two who had a love affair and this caused a lot of group punishment. Everything was super strict and at times I felt pretty okay growing an attachment to the tv as I watched impractical jokers amd formed a sort of sibling relationship with one of the members who was surprised to see herself stay the longest, darling redhead she was. And I went home and it felt amazing similar to the feeling of getting out of a prison again as they continually punished me for being deranged over my civilly mauled genitals. I then had a happy summer, I think I had smoked weed for the first time the summer before and had gotten addicted to nicotine after winter. Hey, I am sure these all of a part to play in the grander scheme of things of my mental health. But there is no doubt in my memory which my m can tell you is pristine since I was two as I remember not wanting to turn three or five as I guided my mom to the car in the vast parking lot. I can tell you it was my discovery of thr truth of my genitle mutilation that pushed me over the line. Amd all of you temperance activists agsinst drugs or sex will have different opinions, but keep in mind too, for all these things, I have felt some control for and over. Not my missing body part. Part two was when I had a big disagreement again and I drove two whole stares through the midwest before getting my car stuck in a ditch. I walked around for awhile in a minnesota until I came to a very nice farmer. "How you doing he cheered" "You interested in what I am making!? " he yaltered as his machine screeched against wood. " No, " I said " Um actually I had gotten my car stuck in a ditch. I was truly in the middle of nowhere and before altering to this man I had wandered for at least two hours coming to many houses were all there was was a landline and no understanding of my need. This man smiled, he was clearly of sweedish descent as all Minnasotians are. Guess I'll have to get Kenny then" he exclaimed sight fully. He drove me i'm one of his many trucks to my car and up met the next old man with more energy than any man I have seen today. With a few exchanges of cuss words and some failures, we got the car out. I was out of money and the car was near empty, I had to go through half of Minnasoata, Iowa and then half of Missouri, all in one trip. The man had been making a wedding alter for his daugher and he made me understand just how big the world truly is. The trip back was exhausting, I slept during certain part of the road only to be awakened by my driving need to survive and get home again. I won't forget the fresh air or the weird urban cities I had to go through or how when I stopped at some places to try and call my parentd the land lines wouldn't reach which I was discouraged in disbelief. Only the road and fumes would get me home. I stopped at almost every ramp to beg for fas money and people were resilient to even give up five. It made me understand the importance of charity. and finally after a few recognizable streets and bridges and me hallucinating from sleep deprivation at the end. I came home, many times it crossed my mind that I would stop at the road with no way to contact since I had left my phone in order not to be tracked. Soundly I slept that night only to quickly wake up just in time for school the next morning, one day late. I went to Mercy again this time at the same time as last fall. There I saw a lot of hot girls, and I couldn't help thinking to myself that maybe my issue with all of this circumcison was not ever having sex yet. That I was just an incel and I should lose my virginity to someone special. So I refrained and I waited and I spotted my favorite. Then community formed among us children and I got her number near the end of our two week stay. We ended up leaving at the same time too and against the policy of the hospital, she gave me a hug before leaving. She had tried to kill herself after getting threats from her ex who had found out she had issues and was a cutter. I did not mind because I felt she just needed love. At my stah I had also successfully confessed of my issue and feeling with my peers toward circumcision and felt me to be a brave man. However, contrary to the nurses promise of not being judged for my feelings, they kicked everyone out as I got loud and passionate. It was hard not too as a monstrous wave of emotion overwhelmed me, I had been through so much. After leaving unfortunately for this girl of my same and similar age when I had gotten out to ask her to see a scary movie during halloween she was gone, gone for a while. And then after one concert for my public school orchestra, I got really drunk with my cousin (and now as I type this serionin is seeping in not because of this but because of the after. ) I had spoken of my nihilism towards my neighbors and their lack of kindness compared to the others I met on my many journeys that this mutilations revelation has condemned me to. Unfortunately, as I was crazy drunk somehow it had gotten translated that when I said "I am going to kill you all" that, as a rumor, I had brought a gun to school, when in fact I was just solemnly bought and taken back home to be announced that due to fears of me that I was to be ostracized for a thing I had no intention of doing. I watched three movies in a row that day last being into the spider verse as everywhere I spent, developed relationships, even at my old school was torn from me as by three schools it had been assumed that I was planning on shooting up. All my teachers, disappointed and every former acquaintance now saw treachery. To my misery when I emailed my current teachers they confirmed to my concerns that they were happy that the rumors were not true, so petty yet expected of them. I think the true crime is these city dwellers not knowing they should feel guilty for not possessing a free mind. No one thought on their own because I all learned that day is how fake everyone was andaube message drunkenized had some meaning I now meant even though I had not meant it all before. I called my mom from a hotel that night wondering if I could die just like my boy scout friend had earlier that year just simply and pain free with some opioid. I wanted a prostitute but felt indifferent to it without my foreskin. Then came exactly last of my current time of January 2020. That spring was so delightful as I sincerely hope it will be this year. I finally had gotten in touch with the girl and we instantly felt a deep connection. There was just one problem, she lived in New Haven and I live in St. Louis, forty miles away. So we befam by meeting in the middle. I guess during that time as beautiful as she was no one wanted her since she was seen as a self harmer. I could see past that. I showed her how to build a fire. We explored the city in the middle of Washington, Missouri, a historic town. And not soon after in one of my most significant parts of my life I explored her as she did for me. She was a little crazy from the start but I digged it. After having looked into her youthful face and fucking twice in my car behinde one of theant rural strip malls of Washington, I couldnt help but feel at peace for once in my life. I felt a deep loving connection in my dreams as my mind craved her pussy in a beautiful amd not even lustful way. She had no fear as she took birth control. But then things got bad. It wasn't even after two weeks of our honey moon phase and kids if tou have come this far please know that this is why sex should never be played arojnd with. Not to soon my parents caught on to my secret love affair as one night I didn't come home as J choose to stay the night at her Grandmas house. 40 miles there and back my parents drove in the morning to wait outside her Grandmas house knowing my location somehow. Feeling aneixity I couldnt help but release my pronlems onto her for example jow I couldnt insert my penis im as well due to a lack of the softness and mucosa the penis must have and how I came to quick amd thereafter in hoping of making her cum I would fuck her after the climax painfully and flaccid it would get. I was not in tune and my dick felt very little, but there was somehow love, just without the erotica I felt terrible. Our problems from there on manifested as now my parents continued to grip a control on my sexual nature,, I was 17 with another 17 year keep in mind. They wouldn't let me have the car and it was hard to visit her. I soon discovered her mom got pregnant in college and her true father was in New York. She had an abusive step father with his three sons and daughter. For the newborn son, he had a botched circumcision which triggered me and I had gotten angry with my new girlfriend (not abusive, just riled at the world stupidity) and she said she was sorry and didn't know better. She told me how at one point they had kept her locked in her room with just bread and she couldn't even get out to pee. No wonder she was self-harming. Eventually due to a lack of getting the car I was forced to pay for uber and then by train. T he days continued and at one point I ran away again leaving myself with amtrak train to get to her house for a week. I was finishing up online school too, but like I said my parents past could not leave me as I would make love to my girlfriend. I felt it and was reminded and saw how thier prescence made me fail to perform sex right. It was like they had carved their names into me so no matter what I could not stop loving them and I would have to pretend like they made a good choice, even in the fact olating me. Because who is going to stop the business between a child and his parent? Who will stop a predator from procreating for the sole purpose of molesting their kids? Can a parent consent for thier kid if they are to have sex because according to the law I am not seen as important enough to be saved from any harm since I must carry the genes of my parents filthy habits? So many more questions passed through my head and so much control and manipulation from both mt parents and girlfriend drained me of my spirit. I eventually made it home only to discover she had become pregnant but then had od to abort the child. Painful. Over the summer we continued to work on ourselves but never did my parents fail it stress me and at times it was difficult to go back home as my girlfriend begged me to stay. Finally at the end of the summer we broke up after being two weeks in college. And then there is rested the same case of misery as I was left alone to my foreskinless penis. We broke it off too being thag I realized sex of all things was so lame. My circumcison had weakend my sensation to understand how to fuck her and in a way I was blind to the vagina. Bacteria is good and plays a role in sex. Without the foreskin I couldn't interact with my girls vagina/g spot where the frenulum lays in doggy style. My veins many of so were popped and I noticed a development of ED as my penis has grown whiter over this pas year. It hurts me that no matter what I was wrong and deep down actually right. And the more I looked online, the more I studied the faditutes of circumcison I becaem depressedm Near the end I will admit my girlfriend wanted to hace more sex then I did and my parnets continued to make me feel guilty about it. After all child development is designed to be expensive so more people in their self interest to kill their children, and I wouldn't want to bring that in. She went throuh three more boyfriends that semester before getting bsck with her fucking ex who would tell her to kill herself and now she is pregnant with them and all I can say is I hope she wont get him circumcised and they have a happy marrige as it is now. But something tells me this curse will continue as does any thing with the sexual exploitation of children so I guess I hope its a girl. Anyways, doctors continue to post live circumcisions on youtube because they can and everyone is silent on it. I spend half my day hopeful and the other half depressed and suicidal. I discovered the foreskin is a sphincter (look it up in the dictionary) with in reality a five fold skin structure. I also realized that every excuse to do so can be found to be a lie lost easily at for the harvesting of neonatal fibroblast for both cosmetics and scientific research. They lied to my parents for a clear economic motivation and there certainly was no bear interest in mind if you have listened to a segment of my story. It does piss me off that we are in fact losing and many intactivist find themselves trapped in some sort of identification they didn't ask for when they are speaking in accordance with the opinion of more than 70% of the world which is intact. I really hope girls espically and boys absolutley would bring attention to this against thier superiors. They claim that we do not complain, but if a man has never seen sight, how could he complain. To find plenty of complaints head here r/circumcisiongrief Otherwise your condolences would be appreciated as I am still struggling. Thank you.

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