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directors=Clint Eastwood Release Year=2019 Average Ratings=8,1 of 10 Star Rating=7129 votes summary=American security guard Richard Jewell saves thousands of lives from an exploding bomb at the 1996 Olympics, but is vilified by journalists and the press who falsely reported that he was a terrorist. The Feds are total wankers, they could not solve it OR they needed a scape goat. Best movie of 2019. I saw it on opening day and I want to see it again. It's that good.

As far as I know the HERO Richard Jewell is the ONLY person the FBI has came out and exonerated. They flat out said We were wrong, this guy is 100% innocent. R.I.P Mr. Jewell. Cnn from the begining with fake news. Funny how all the accusers of jewele didn't want to do an interview. same ole media. FBI. how wicked to tell him a complete lie. . This is one of the most powerful films I have ever seen. The performances by Hauser and Rockwell are as good as any you are likely to see. And Clint tells the story directly and simply. But because of the Scruggs issue, Golden Globes has already snubbed this film, and the oscars may do so as well.

Ironic a newspaper guilty of stitching someone up doesnt like being stitched lol. Bob Costas and CNN were made for each other. Take that anyway you want to. If only there was a documentary concerning the close relationship between the FBI an their Deap State patriotic masonic lodges clear across the United States as well granting military officers commissions to children of the accepted as well the sharing of advanced classified an secrit information before the POTUS would blow their cover off from hell an back again. I will see this when I am 15 and able to watch R Rated movies. Fact: Richard Jewell was an honorable man; Eric Rudolph was a coward. He looks like such a nice guy he kinda looks like a human teddy bear 🥰.

Queen Kathy Bates. Even after acting in the movie and knowing the back story, these actors are still protecting the powers that made this tragic. The evil that led the FBI and the media is what they are protecting. Make no mistake, you are making this political. How about we start by letting Mr. Eastwood speak for himself and you speak the liberal stance you've been brainwashed into thinking.

أول🖤🔥🔥. As for Scruggs, when the brouhaha first started up about this portrayal, before it got really intense, I did a lot of searching on this person, her life and her death, and I found sources that were people who worked with her at the newspaper. Their comments tend to corroborate the behaviors you see in this film. While no one that I read claimed that she slept with an FBI agent, there were people who said she "dated" police officers in Atlanta in order to stay close to breaking police beat news stories. She was a smoking, boozing, loud, vulgar and obnoxious broad whose ambition was to get the big scoop.

Thought this was a spinoff of the character in I, Tonya. The media lies constantly. and they get mad when people lie about them. I got to see this movie 😍. ❤🙏 I just seen the movie today and it was fantastic, the corrupt media working with the FBI in the government to try to frame somebody and get caught doing it, it goes to show how they are so corrupt and Donald Trump being a regular guy and not part of the mainstream government and part of the swamp scares the shit out of them and that is why they're trying to frame Trump for anything possible but in the meantime Donald Trump has his country at The best it has been in 59 years, God bless Donald Trump and fuck you media.


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